10 September 2009

KingCast says not even Boston Police can stop Kevin McCrea's message from getting out: Stop corruption at City Hall.

KingCast pics from last week's debate the prompted the Boston Globe to write:
"...In last night's Boston mayoral debate, businessman Kevin McCrea was the man with nothing to lose, and the public discussion was the better for it."

Tune in to tonight's debate 5-6p, hosted by Fox 25 and the Boston Herald, where Kevin should again remind voters that he successfully sued his opponents for willfully violating public records laws. McCrea v. Flaherty et al, 71 Mass. App. Ct. 637 (2007).

Full Opinion (Grainger, J.) The denial of the defendants' motion for summary judgment and the grant of summary judgment to the plaintiffs as to the January 20, 2005, violation of the open meeting law and the failure of the December 15, 2004, meeting to "cure" any earlier violations, are affirmed, as is the denial of the defendants' motion for summary judgment as to the alleged violations of January 13, February 17, and March 24, 2005.

There's more:

Remember I showed you the pics of Mayor Menino's taxpayer SUV at the last debate?
Well there appears to be an issue about the misuse of public funds on that matter as well.

Read Kevin McCrea's open letter to Mayor Menino.

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