22 September 2009

KingCast presents: Trueblood Superfine Arts.


Anonymous said...

Hey jackass as a former attorney (suspended) you should know posting music without giving credit to the Artist/composer is a major violation of copyright laws.
Guess you have missed all the lawsuits.....even the Ellen Degenresis show has had a suit filed against them.

Christopher King said...

Hey you dumb ass the music is public domain from YouTube LOL.

Muuaaaahhhh right back at you, MF (My Friend)


Anonymous said...

You have to be the most ignorant "lawyer" suspended or otherwise that I have ever had the displeasure of knowing.
Try reading te youTube TOS especially the copyright part:

It is YOUR responsibility to be sure that anything you post has NOT violated any copyright laws.

Christopher King said...

Now you dumb MF (my friend I have read the TOS and you cannot show me where I have violated anything by using audio that they provide for public consumption. Just saying something I violated it doesn't mean I did.

Is your name Marty Dunn?

Because he was a stupid jackass just like you, when he said I was guilty of Attempted Felony Extortion, then ran away as a puppy that peed itself after I stood tall like a man, and went through voir dire My Friend.


Christopher King said...

PS: Why don't you do the World a favor and go take a drive in a 1959 Chevy Bel Air.


Christopher King said...

Plus, what a jackass, this bozo (probably "Bill Christie" or whatever he goes by these days) shows up to try to trash talk and doesn't even offer any sort of comment on the art itself, which is clearly creative and interesting.

Unlike him.

-The KingCaster

Anonymous said...

One mans "art" is another mans junk. YOU are right though we are not alike.
You are a huckster, you verbally abuse people, you betray peoples trust, and you are a liar. Rest assured I don't know anyone who would want to be like you.

Christopher King said...


You are a two-faced liar, Mr. "Try Gregory Floyd for Murder."

If you don't agree with Mass Art's appreciation for Ms. Trueblood's art, that's cool because nobody I know would want to be like you, either, because you verbally lie and accuse me of doing cocaine when I lost my job at the Hyatt and all kinds of shit that simply isn't true.

Again: I change laws and help people, and you sit on the sidelines and trash-talk, and you are absolutely fascinated with trying to prove me wrong, and you step on your own little ying-yang every single time.


Christopher King said...

Oh, here it is again, I'm going to post it today:

Try Gregory Floyd for Murder

You're getting increasingly antsy as Casey Sherman's book nears publication, jackass. You are the huckster, trying to sell people on the notion that I am.

You call me Mr. Swiffer sweeper man but guess what:

The Swiffer works exceptionally well, actually so I'll take it. You on the other hand, are an old, fat, dirty stinking mop.

You wanna play the dozens dude you better get your game ready when you step up in this blog or I'll knock your fat, dumb ass out every time LOL.


Anonymous said...

I'll do you one better, I'm coming up to Massachussetts in October to play some gigs Newburyport and Ipswich ...why don't you meet me at Dyno records and to quote you try to.
"I'll knock your fat, dumb ass out every time"

I may be a bit overweight I'm sure as hell not dumb and it will be a cold day in hell that you will ever knock me down or out.

As far as Mr. Sherman's book I can't wait to see what he has to say in regard to the retired USAF JAG officer who sided with you at one time.

See you are just an ignorant man who doesn't comprehend that real people admit when they are in error. When I wrote the document you once again were a decietful and manipulative SUSPENDED lawyer purposely withholding critical information from me. YOU don't your decision on facts you build a case to support YOUR theory and deliberately leave out information that is FACTUAL which does NOT suppoet your theories.

You solicited funds from private people like Ditmar whom you threatened to shoot (documented) tried to strongarm/extort with threats of reporting him to his firm for some alleged improprieites (documented) because you did not use the monies as they were intended that he gave you. In case you have forgotten that is FRAUD.

Christopher King said...

Bill you name the time and place and I'll be there.

It wouldn't matter if I were a disbarred attorney when it comes to the facts of the cover up, even the Union Leader is covering Casey Sherman's book, fool, and it says everything I said, and everything you agreed to when you wrote "Try Gregory Floyd for Murder" so I don't know why you are hatin' so much get a grip dude.

My film maker and I took nothing from jackass Ditmar Kopf that was not agreed to and J.J. would have testified to that, which is why Ditmar shut his jackass mouth.

Threatened to shoot Ditmar? Give the full quote, of course you are talking about the virtual third eye I was going to give him in the rhetorical sense, using legal principles?

Also, if you need any enlightenment or to see if Mr. Sherman even gives a damn about what you say, then just listen to us on the radio next week you stupid jackass.

Also, you had all of the salient facts at your disposal when you wrote what you wrote dude, sorry don't try to play stupid now.

Name the time and place for a beer and a visit to Dyno Records and stop trippin' on yer ying-yang Bill.

-The KingCaster