03 September 2009

KingCast presents: Ethnic Online!!!

A great effort from a true gentleman, Leonard Webb. A Great Group of folks are involved all around. Stay tuned.

PS: Took a couple days off from working to visit my sister and her family and other friends and whatnot. This is al fresco lunch today at So. No's Ostera. That's seaweed salad with shitake mushroom and duck confit. Fried oysters coming. This is some of the Best Food I have ever had, they rock -- turns out the Main Man here spent 11 years in Boston :)

PPS: The Oysters came in. They are in the little picture. Blackberries, pecans..... this guy is off the hook in his creativity and I love it. With a beer my entire check was $20.10 you gotta' love that.

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