22 September 2009

KingCast congratulates Kevin McCrea for being a catalyst for change in the 2009 Boston Mayoral election.

The local media gallery at Wally's tonight.

Let's face it: Barring Divine Intervention, we all knew Kevin wasn't going to make the final ballot.

Let Menino face this: Kevin McCrea's relentless queries into Boston business-as-usual politics, replete with active and successful litigation (McCrea et al. v. Flaherty et al) created a dialogue that makes it possible for someone to defeat Mayor Menino this year.

If Michael Flaherty works things out with Kevin McCrea, and if Sam Yoon and Kevin both send their voters to Flaherty, Mayor Menino -- who struggled to get 50% of the vote after a recent 70% approval rating -- will be taking a permanent vacation soon.

Related: WBUR profile on Kevin, who puts his money where his mouth is:
I think I did alot of the carpentry in that $2.2 mil house as well…..Norris..another great guy….and Kevin gave me an opportunity to enhance my carpentry skills in the brownstones of the south end…Kevin can find personal values and skills where you would least expect it…After leaving Kevin for the carpenters union and then my own buisness as a carpenter craftsman….I now am a councilor in VA psychology service working with veterans having difficulties returning from war….Thanks to men like Kevin McCrea….I’v gone from homelessness to above and beyond!!
Al Krull US Navy 1971-1975

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