28 September 2009

KingCast applauds Union Leader for finally publishing facts that show Kelly Ayotte covered up the Franconia shooting tragedy.

"New book questions Ayotte judgment in officer shooting."
When it comes to the fact that they dutifully ignored me and everyone in the Franconia Collective -- and even struck our comments from their chat boards a la ABC News and 20/20, it's All Good because as I told one Janus-faced tool this morning: When it comes to the facts of the cover up, even the Union Leader is covering Casey Sherman's book, fool.
According to Pride, Sherman portrays Ayotte as being "overeager to lionize McKay and to clear Floyd of wrongdoing in the shooting of Kenney."

Pride writes, "Sherman makes this last point by showing how Ayotte misstated the facts to strengthen her points."

........and it says everything I said, and everything you agreed to when you wrote "Try Gregory Floyd for Murder" so I don't know why you are hatin' so much get a grip dude. Mister former JAG Attorney ;)

Anyway watch for the upcoming Chronicle show -- and follow the other items linked below -- regarding all of this.

Related post and videos and crucial windshield bullet and spent casings info: Casey Sherman's "Bad Bloood: Freedom and Death in the White Mountains" events for early October, 2009.


Christopher King said...

Says Ayotte: "I would like to look at the book, but that case was investigated by the Major Crime Unit of the State Police, and that was the investigation I relied on," she said. "Not only that, but there was a video tape of those individuals. The video tape in a case like that is very unusual.

"The facts showed that Liko Kenney opened fire on McKay and ran him over and so those were the circumstances that were presented and that was what was reflected on the video. Obviously, it was a difficult situation, but those were the facts," Ayotte said....

No Kelly you embellished on those "Facts" and lied about other facts and even lied to a former AAG (well you lied to two of us) but you first lied to Attorney Harold Burbank "all witness statements are consistent" and I repeatedly made you aware of that FACT but you kept on and kept on, now the shit is going to hit the fan.

Expect this to follow -- or more accurately precede you as you make your move to the U.S. Senate. My people are in place and ready to sign off on a request for public inquiry and investigation into your actions, and an introductory letter, a copy of selected blog posts and Casey Sherman's book will be delivered to selected individuals in the U.S. House and Senate, particularly those not inclined to like you or your politics.

Have a nice day.

Christopher King, J.D.
a/k/a/ "The KingCaster."

Christopher said...

Also, Kelly and Franconia failed to conduct any investigation into the propriety, or impropriety of the stop, including the violation of those 7 pursuit and OC Spray violations, which led Liko Kenney to "open fire."

If they do that they come up with Manslaughter or justifiable homicide, but you can't have Greg Floyd getting a pass in 24 hours at that point.

That's the kicker.

-The KingCaster

Anonymous said...

Hilarious stuff coming from a suspended attorney. See you were found guilty of doing EXACTLY the same thing and that is why Ohio suspended you from practicing law IN ANY FORM. YOU lied to a number of people about the case including the retired USAF JAG officer that you solicited for help with your "case".
As far as Casey Sherman's book you AGAIN only take the parts of reviews that suit your needs to embellish your narcisstic need to feel of some importance in cases such as this. You are a glorified ambulance chaser/huckster.

Not one Independent reviewer has taken this book to be a factual account of the events of May 11,2007. On the contrary they have all commented about no new evidence coming to light or shed on the case. Instead what we are left with from my understanding of the reviewers is a book written by an author who is neither a professionally trained LEO, Attorney, or Doctor of medicine.

What we have is a book written around the indisputable FACTS that we have all seen in the video and peppered that with arm chair summations and philosophical writings...about the what could haves, should haves, and would haves...nothing more than judicially inadmissable speculation.

Of course all of this is really meaningless, the FACT remains 2 men lost their lives based on the bad decision of one person on May 11, 2007 that person was Liko Peter Kenney.

The Boston Herald article summed it up BEST:


"In the end, it is for readers to decide how they would have acted in the place of the four men at the center of “Bad Blood".

Christopher King said...


Boy you sure are getting antsy now that the book is nearing publication. You can rap against Casey all you want for what he is not, but you can't bust the fact that he caused exhumation of a body and thoroughly investigated the Boston Strangler case, you tool.

You pick and choose the reviews that suit your case.

You cannot identify one thing that I "misled" to Mr. Bill, the sanctimonious JAG attorney.

The facts remain that:

1. Bruce McKay violated Liko Kenney's Fourth Amendment Rights way back in 2003 and took him to the ground for no good reason and that's why Judge Cyr threw out the related cases from Fox Hill Park as I've noted on this blog.

2. Bruce McKay violated 7 Pursuit and OC Spray policies so he is the person who made the initially poor decisions.

As to my suspension from practice, even if we take EVERYTHING as alleged by the Columbus establishment, it has nothing to do with the facts at hand.

I'm perfectly happy in wireless consulting and I work for a couple of attorneys and on other political matters that you don't need to know about :)

Have a nice day!

PS: Be sure to call in to the radio station on the 8th of October and talk about my law suspension. The host will then properly ask you WTF it has to do with the current case, and whether NH AG Kelly Ayottes should be suspended or disbarred.


-The KingCaster

Christopher King said...

What's funny is this hater writing in and claiming that no one takes Casey's book as a factual account of what happened....

Same can be said regarding Kelly Ayotte's investigation and "Official Report."


Christopher King said...

Also watch your language fool: "Guilty" is a criminal term of art.

A suspended attorney with no criminal charges brought for tape recording a scumbag landlord who called his client a "nigger lover" (independently verified) is No Big Deal.

Hell in NH you can be a convicted felon and disbarred, then serve of counsel to the most prestigious of law firms, like Shaheen Gordon.

Just ask Michael McLoughlin.

Of course the fact that he's white has nothing to do with it, so you would acknowledge that in a color-blind society I too can achieve his levels of criminal corruption and become of counsel to Shaheen and Gordon as well!


-The KingCaster