29 September 2009

KingCast applauds the Flaherty/Yoon ticket and their politics of inclusion.

Boston City Councilors Michael Flaherty and Sam Yoon have joined forces on an historical two-person ballot for the November 3 election as Mayor and Deputy Mayor.

In a morning press conference at City Hall Plaza the two men explained that contrary to the naked assertions of Mayor Menino, there is vigorous precedent for such a position, including the appointments made by Mayor White. If elected, Yoon will be paid as a cabinet-level officer.

As to Menino's musings that the position was a gimmick, Councilor Flaherty stated that emery boards and carrying bags with candidates names on them are gimmicks, as he opined that [Menino] should be the last person offering legal advice given the missing emails.

[KingCast observation: I have my doubts that Mayor Menino has produced all of those emails].

Speaking of cabinet positions, in a subsequent interview Councilor Flaherty did further state:
"This Adminstration has only two (2) people of color in cabinet level positions. My cabinet will reflect the true face of Boston."

I look forward to seeing how the new team coordinates with former candidate Kevin McCrea, whose 4% -- along with much of Boston's African-American community -- provides the swing vote that could roust Mayor Menino from office.

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Christopher King said...

I like the reporter in one of the middle shots, off to the left of Councilor Flaherty, he's like

"What the hell am I going to ask?"