17 September 2009

KingCast and Sam Yoon agree: Time for the Mayor of Boston to use a taxpayer-owned cell phone for Open Records compliance.

Well as predicted earlier today relative to tonight's NECN profile on Kevin McCrea, Mayor Menino was a no-show as the heat rises in the kitchen about his administration's missing emails and the use of his personal phone for public business, leaving no public records trail. Unless someone files a successful lawsuit about those records, of course.

Anyway at tonight's debate (see WBUR's notes "Mayor Conspicuous by his absence") all of the candidates and the host got a kick out of Kevin McCrea's dramatic use of empty chair for Hizzoner, and Sam Yoon promised me in that YouTube video that he would support me on this:
"Time will come when the Mayor has a dedicated phone, paid for by taxpayers that is ALWAYS subject to review and the call history and bill must be published online every month."

But we have to be careful because even though I personally like Sam (it's hard not to, he beams positive energy for the most part) I have to check him on his prior representations and campaign promises when he flip flops, as he did on the homophobic GLBT haters in the St. Patrick's Day Parade. And he voted to fund a certain position in City Hall that was a back room deal that resulted in litigation and a court fine and that was inimical to the Cause of Open Government. See this YouTube video of open council meeting violations. Is he pandering to the crowd or question of the day, that is the question.


Anonymous said...

I guess you better vote for Menino then, cos that's what a vote for MaCrae or Flaherty essentially is. Yoon is the only candidate who can beat Menino in November.

Erin said...

That's right Sam Yoon! Trasnparency is the key- and Sam is the man. I think his "flip-flopping" is just a result of miscommunication. The open meetings law was violated by Flaherty many, many more times than Yoon's one out-of-the-ordinary mishap. Also, Menino could put a stop to the discrimination in the St. Patty's parade, but acts like he has no jurisdiction- in fact, Menino AWARDED the anti-gay St. Patty's organizer recently. Absurd. Flaherty also marches in that parade. So, Yoon's "negatives" are minuscule comparitively.

Besides, Flaherty just started going against Menino's ideas in City Hall with his bid for mayor. Yoon's been working to create change his entire tenure.

Oh yeah, and McCrea is a nut. Extending the school day? What?! How?!

Christopher King said...

I see Erin:

McCrea is a nut but the Courts don't seem to agree with your assessment my friend.

25 year plan for City infrastructure, how is that nuts?

What about Yoon calling for an open government policy group 9 months ago and nothing has happened since. Is that a miscommunication too?

Spare me.

No one in this race is as progressive or open as Kevin McCrea, whether you like him or not. I like Sam, but he's just not the man he says he is sometimes, and he DID IN FACT vote with everyone else to help fund a position for a crony that was designed to raise a pension rate for someone to write a memo about how to beat open government laws.

Go figure.

-The KingCaster