30 September 2009

Hey KingCast, some tool said you and Casey Sherman "are not even close to beng[sic] on the same page."

Read the comments to see the conversation between the Tool (not the sharpest of the shed that's for certain) and Yours Truly. Meanwhile I'm making my way through Casey Sherman's book about the Franconia Shooting Tragedy, "Bad Blood: Freedom and Death in the White Mountains," and before you skip to the comments section I have a few more observations for the Tool on the front page, right here and above-the-fold (for you old-schoolers!). Stay tuned for the Sherman/KingCast joint interview at 8am 8 October on TouchFM stream it here.

Remember, Sherman was assigned to the story from the get-go. He is watching the Bruce McKay dash cam video with his peers. Remember, I have the sound file from the ORIGINAL tape that I successfully sued Kelly Ayotte to review. You should have been in THAT room when my film maker and I dubbed it into our machines.

Anyway first read the policies that Bruce McKay violated, as I documented some time ago:

Second is Policy D: Pursuit Tactics:
(3) Officer shall not attempt to overtake a fleeing vehicle.

(4) Officers may not intentionally use their vehicle to bump or ram the suspect's vehicle in order to force the vehicle to stop or to be pushed into a ditch.

Pursuit shall be immediately terminated in any of the following circumstances:

(E) The suspects identity has been established to the point that later apprehension can be accomplished, and there is no longer any need for immediate apprehension.

What part of that did McKay not understand? Over a damn inspection sticker? Something in the water does not compute. I hate this guy -- he also violated the OC Spray policies and then he died.

Now read Casey Sherman's interpretation with his colleagues.

167: "The sheer violence of the collision stunned all of those watching it." [See investigative file photos below]

167: "...[McKay] doused [Liko] and [Caleb Macaulay] with what looked to be the entire canister of pepper spray. My colleagues and I let out another collective groan as we watched Liko's head disappear under the orange fog."

168: "There are many questions to be answered in this case, but it becomes much clearer that the officer's actions were overaggressive and had certainly contributed to his own death." [KingCast observation: That's why former AG Kelly Ayotte and the Franconia PD failed to analyse the (im)propriety of the final traffic stop, it was a loser for them, a real non-starter. But yet it is THEIR JOB TO DO SO. Now the U.S. House or Senate will have to step in when Kelly runs for Senate weighed down with this junk in her trunk.

143: Ayotte's speedy decision to absolve Floyd of any wrongdoing is peculiar, given the amount of prescription drugs in his system, his violent past and the fact that he was forbidden by law from using a firearm (KingCast observation: Apparently not under NH Law, but certainly under 18 U.S.C. 922(g)(1), which then Senator Joe Biden told me he would vigorously enforce once he was in office. Look at the picture of us talk about it in Nashua.

Page uncertain, quoting medical/LE: "Bruce's body is evidence." Yep, so that's why we needed to see the reports about the GSR on Liko Kenney's clothing, on Caleb Macaulay's clothing, on Bruce McKay's clothing/hands and to a lesser extent, Gregory Floyd's clothing/hands. But Kelly Ayotte told me and the Court that no such documents existed. That belies credibility as it is in the protocol to collect that information. Who is she fooling?

174: On the OC Spraying of Sarah, brought to you through KingCast litigation: "The video was painful to watch. Why did McKay allow a simple request for shin guards to devolve into a violent struggle?" [Note: he threatened his own co-workers, read the letters from Fire Chief Flanders right here, para. 4].

"[McKay said]: If you ever touch my cruiser again you will be in more trouble than you can handle." Then he went south through the accident scene at a high rate of speed that was "totally uncalled for." Mr. Whitcomb was "curious why he was even at the scene as I don't recall hearing anyone involved ever calling for him."

I have read further, and there are more congratulatory and appreciative comments about people like Brad Whipple in me in addition to what I mentioned yesterday, but remember I'm nobody important here, just a guy with a nice computer, a nice camera, and a free mind and spirit. That's why I can dig a lot about Liko Kenney, and that's why the establishment typically hates on people like us, to varying degrees. Sometimes it is the establishment -- and not us -- that has the growing to do.

To wit, read what a forensic specialist said about the Michael Paulhus "investigation"conducted and maintained under Kelly Ayotte's auspices, relative to a case where a cop suspiciously shot a motorist and there was no real forensic study and the evidence was even destroyed:

Nice work Kelly don't let the doorknob hitcha'.


Christopher King said...

Blogger Christopher King said...

What's funny is the hater who wrote in and claims that no one takes Casey's book as a factual account of what happened....

Same can be said regarding Kelly Ayotte's investigation and "Official Report."

5:28 AM


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"If not for this complex guy Floyd you wouldn't have this book"
Shermn: correct, right

Put whatever spin on it you want you and Casey Sherman are not even close to beng on the same page. Now how many interviews is this without you 4-5 so far and no mention of you the annointed one the truth seeker savior for the Franconia Collective.

8:25 AM


Blogger Christopher King said...


Spin this as you sit on your thumb:

"According to Pride, Sherman portrays Ayotte as being "overeager to lionize McKay and to clear Floyd of wrongdoing in the shooting of Kenney."

Pride writes, "Sherman makes this last point by showing how Ayotte misstated the facts to strengthen her points."


Dude that IS the same page, chapter and verse. You take a little comment from an interviewer in 3 seconds and try to erase the major substance of the book.

Anonymous said...

"According to Pride, Sherman "PORTRAYS" Ayotte as being "overeager to lionize McKay and to clear Floyd of wrongdoing in the shooting of Kenney."

You have been PORTRAYEDas being a woman hater, a self admitted sexual toy, a narcissist, an abuser of alcohol, indicted for extortion, a suspended attorney and the list goes on.

Now using your same logic as you about Mr. Sherman portraying NH Ayotte one can make claim that you in FACT are all of the above.

Anonymous said...

The susbstance of the book is nothing more than the authors OPINION not fact.

Anonymous said...

I might not be the sharpest tool in the shed but I sure as hell am not a stanky black assHO like you. Remember you're a blogger who posted in his own blogs that he was sexual toy for his corporate boss.

Anonymous said...

Under RSA 627:5, II (a), a law enforcement officer is justified in using deadly force only when he reasonably believes such force is necessary to defend himself or a third person from what he reasonably believes is the imminent use of deadly force. “Deadly Force” means any assault which the person commits with the purpose of causing or which he knows to create a substantial risk of causing death or serious bodily injury. Depending on the manner in which it is used, a motor vehicle can also constitute a “deadly weapon.” See State v. Hull, 149 N.H. 706, 714-15 (2003). In addition, RSA 627:5, II(b) permits a law enforcement officer to use deadly force when he reasonably believes such force is necessary to effect an arrest of a person whom he reasonably believes has committed or is committing a felony involving the use of force or violence or otherwise indicates that he is likely to seriously endanger human life or inflict serious bodily injury unless apprehended without delay, and the officer has made reasonable efforts to advise the person that he is a law enforcement officer attempting to effect an arrest and has reasonable grounds to believe that the person is aware of these facts.

Christopher King said...

My my my what a torrent of vitriol.

The only people who portray me as those bad things are Internet trolls.

Sexual harassment by my boss? What is this person talking about? A manager at American Tower Corporation got fresh with me once and I reported it in a lawsuit.

As to RSA 627 it doesn't matter because Bruce McKay never never used deadly force.... or did he?

He would certainly have been permitted to do so even though he escalated the situation, but without Kelly Ayotte conducting GSR tests and analysis of clothing we have to assume that Gregory Floyd shot the windshield bullet.

But I'm sure the hater who so caught up with rage that I keep raising these issues has all the answers.


Anyway, see you at Casey's reading tonight so I can YouTube it.

-The KingCaster

Anonymous said...

rage? you are the only one who is rageful because you think society and people like me owe you something and not just because you are black.
You claim that McKay violated pursuit policies, I am pointing out that according to NHRSA he did not. Don't try and put a spin on it you aren't that good that's why you are suspended from practicing law.

So there is no misunderstanding I don't hate you.

I do however despise you and find your actions morally and ethically reprehensible.

As I have said before and I will say again you make a mockery of the laws of this land and our forefathers who wrote them.

As a black man you epitomize the portrayal of everything negative about black Americans.

I have no desire to listen to you or anyone even remotely associated with you. I will however be there when the day comes that you do get taken down to your knees and once again brought into a judicial setting for your nefarious actions, and that day will come and you will loose. No ones luck lasts forever not even a Kings.

Christopher King said...


You don't hate me, you just hate free thinkers who don't buy the government lies.

Nobody owes me anything except a fair shake, don't get it twisted.

And as for the RSA you provided, it AGAIN is not relevant because according to Kelly, Bruce never used deadly force you idiot.

Cannot you get that through your thick skull?

Even if I am a suspended attorney, nobody ever removed my journalistic license and I've written for a large daily and ran a small weekly.

Who are you other than some anonymous tool?

Meanwhile, here's your next reading assignment.

-The KingCaster

Christopher King said...


That fair shake that is owed to me is also owed to NH taxpayers and to the town of Franconia regarding this so-called "investigation."

They are all still waiting, be they black or white.... mostly white... so it's not about race, yet you continue to try to pull race into this.

What a jackass you are.


Anonymous said...

I may be an "anonymous tool and a jackass" in your opinion but I see right through your rhetoric...and jive talk.
YOU claim McKay violated pursuit laws I countered you with under NHRSA he had every right to. It has NOTHING to do with what Former Atty General Ayotte said or didn't say.

A fair shake you have more than had your day in court repeatedly and have lost. How much money have you cost the taxpayers of the communtiy of Franconia and taxpayers of the State of NH with your frivilous lawsuits that have accomplished NOTHING in your bumbling feeble attempts to bring any new evidence to light about the May 11, 2007 tragedy.
Go smoke a blunt at 420 while you rev your bike to 4200RPMs and commune with your brotha Liko.

Christopher King said...


You are an anonymous jackass, and you can't read too well:

You cited to Deadly Force statutes.
The OC Spray and pursuit violations are not deadly force issues, rather they are protocol to help keep a situation under control, something Bruce knew nothing about. OC spray in Profile School, Knife in woman's crotch area, etc. etc. I have personally interviewed these people and read the files you tool.

Watch Casey Sherman in my YouTube video discuss various other material facts tonight that were disregarded.=, such as Greg Floyd's lies.

Go call Casey up and bitch to him, too. Call out this journalistic injustice from the tops of the white-capped mountains of Franconia why dontch'!

Accuse him of smoking weed!

Chant down Chris King!

Chant down Casey Sherman!

Jail the dissidents!


Christopher King said...

PS: Bumbling, feeble lawsuits?

Again, you disagree with Casey, so what.

A protectionist court can easily throw a case out or decide not to award costs which is exactly what Judge Vaughn did, same way he dissed Maura Murray's father and got overturned, I just don't have the time and resources to go there with him, but it's not necessary in order to taint Kelly and possibly get a real investigation going.

His actions have been duly recorded.

Also, I uncovered a lot of things that you hate that I uncovered.

Here's a question for you My Friend:

How much money did Kelly Ayotte and Marty Dunn (is that you, Marty) waste trying to prosecute me when I was NAACP Legal Chair for writing a simple demand letter before they ran away like (as) puppies that peed themselves when I stood up and went through voir dire?


(as Bruce McKay's vanity plates would and did say)