21 September 2009

Citizen response to Boston Globe's endorsement for Michael Flaherty, whom Kevin McCrea defeated in an Open Meeting lawsuit.

The Boston Globe writes in glowing terms of a mayor who has been resting on his laurels. At this point one can assume that he’s thinking if I retired I wouldn’t know what to do so I’m going to run again for mayor! Even though Boston is an “increasingly diverse city” looking at the Mayor’s office and the positions of leadership over the past 16 years, the Mayor has yet to have his office and city offices reflect the face of the city!

It’s no wonder that the Boston Globe’s financial situation has been dismal; their continuous biased reporting of elections makes it no surprise. One might ask of the Boston Globe’s candidate, was it “skill, experience and clarity of vision to do the backroom deals, turn a blind eye to what is now referred to as “universities buying land on the sly.” Michael Flaherty is being disingenuous to now being so verbally against the Mayor when, in fact, he knew all along about these shady deals and said NOTHING. To say Flaherty has sought to be a servant of all neighborhoods, what has he done for Roxbury, Dorchester, Mattapan and the Hyde Park Community?.......(more in the comments)

McCrea et al. v. Flaherty et al. 71 Mass. App. Ct. 637 (2007) is linked herein.


Christopher King said...

To acknowledge “effective policing has been a strength of Menino’s tenure” confirms how out of touch the Mayor, Flaherty and the Boston Globe are with what is going on in and around the Boston communities. How effective can this policing be when crime is up, there are unsolved homicides, youth violence is up in the city, every time you turn on the TV you hear about shootings and killings. It is quite suspect that now that people are getting ready to vote reporting is down on crime and street violence!

The Mayor and Flaherty speak about the finest Universities and Colleges yet people in the community have fear of children going to school, dropping out – not graduating to even apply to those said institutions! The Goble is eager to see Tom Menino and Michael Flaherty face off in November because keeping the same would give the same results! The Globe speaks about “strong-mayor system” you have businessmen, universities, developers and unions who enjoy the benevolence of the Mayor that is why they all endorse the mayor. The people who matter are the people in the communities who are suffering because they always get the short straw.

For the Globe to state that Kevin McCrea is not ready to be mayor is indicative of their bias – a message that you cannot be a newcomer in politics and make changes happen because its only people politically connected or have people with big purses are the only ones that win. What the Globe fails to realize is that the communities are crying out for new leadership. Leadership that will address their needs and concerns – not just give them the same platitudes. It is vital that homicides/crime in the communities be addressed, vital that residents in the communities get jobs, vital that residents keep their homes, and vital that the inferior schools be addressed.

The person fit to be mayor is the one who can move forward effectively with these issues without all the political dancing that has been going on for these past months. While these issues apparently are not important to the Boston Globe it is, however, critical to the communities.

Anonymous said...

The mayor doesn't control what goes on in any public school....As far as what goes on in the communities where are all the BLACK leaders the pillars of society in the Boston communities? Try bitching about how none of them ever steps up to the plate to set a GOOD example for young black men and women. They never have, not even during the busing days at Hyde Park High or now.
You don't have a clue about the pulse of Boston no more than you did or do about NH or any other place you have lived.

Christopher King said...


Is it your point then that the Mayor does not make sure that the schools are adequately funded to accomplish their tasks?

As to your mindless assertions, I've changed laws and policies and had editorials congratulating me for so doing.

What have you ever done?

Nothing except eat my jock strap.

You are also probably the idiot who thought I was violating intellectual property principles on the Trueblood Superfine Art post, only to find out I properly and legally used public domain YouTube music.

You dumb ass.

I've also got access to a library of music from the record label I'm involved with so in the future I may use some of that, of course it is registered with ASCAP, etc. etc. you dumb ass.


PS: How you manage to bring race into this is beyond me. Everyone is responsible for the sorry state of Boston schools, regardless of race you dumb ass.

Damn you are stupid. Better to have people think you're stupid than write in to this blog and prove it.