11 August 2009

KingCast, I'm confused.... is your bike faster than an Audi S4?

Ummmm..... nope. A 650R is lucky to crack 130 not that I would know, while the Audi is governed to 150. But by the time you get there, I'll be at home, parked and eating a plate of sushi. This is what happened this morning on the way to work, some dude tried to pull me coming out of a traffic jam at about 50 -- I didn't even downshift to 4th, just from 6th to 5th and just totally walked him. I might post some video later or tomorrow.
The eight-cylinder engine`s thrust thus enables the new Audi S4 with its new 6 speed manual gearbox to complete the sprint from 0 to 60 mph in just 5.6 seconds (a conservative number). It takes just 20.6 seconds to reach 124 mph, whilst the top speed is a governed 150 mph.

Yah, whatever. That's slowsville. 344hp vs. 71, how funny. And while the Audi sounds great, so too does the 650R, as noted in Motorcycle Daily:
The engine really sounds great while you are riding, as well. Like many v-twins, the induction noise as air is fed to this parallel twin a short distance below your ears is real music. Particularly, as you hit the meat of the mid-range above 6,000 rpm, the 650R simply sounds fantastic to the rider. This was a big part of the enjoyment offered by the bike during our test, and should not be discounted as an important aspect of the ownership experience.

Almost any bike bigger than a 250 will smoke most cars to 100mph. Of course come winter that quattro AWD system will laugh at my bike and the BMW which is -- ahem -- stuck with rear wheel drive, so to speak :)

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