05 August 2009

KingCast friendly note to Mayor Menino on how to park a scoot (or motorcycle).

Dear Mayor Menino and Transportation Commissioner Thomas Tinlin:This post concerns last week's post and on-the-street interview with Mr. Tinlin regarding the scooter and motorcycle parking regulations that prohibit "no angle parking." Yesterday I happened to be working out on the Coast -- specifically near Salisbury Beach -- whereupon a very special H-D cruiser parked next to my little Ninja, at the same spot, legally. At an angle. As you can see when you zoom in on the lower photo, two motorcycles are specifically allowed.

Significantly, there was no surcharge so the town was not trying to bilk us for loot, instead encouraging the use of fuel efficient vehicles. In Boston we need to allow 3-4 motorcycles or scooters per parking space on the same meter head, just my $.02.

Thank you in advance for your continued attention in this matter.

-Christopher King, J.D./KingCast.net

cc: Kevin McCrea

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