11 August 2009

KingCast asks Mayor Menino, Commissioner Tinlin and Councilor Linehan: When will Boston repeal the rapacious "no angle" motorcycle parking ban?

Boston Hates Motorcyclists Dear Mayor Menino, Commissioner Tinlin and Councilor Linehan: I am patiently awaiting your response to my prior emails and now formally submit you the actual tickets in dispute. Feel free to review the file to see that I paid the other parking tickets for this machine, but I refused to pay these four (4) and would have appealed them had I not moved to Atlanta last year for a job assignment.

You simply cannot park a BMW R100S straight on parallel to the curb or one day you will find it on its side. More importantly, you should not have to park any motorcycle parallel to the curb and others should be permitted to park right next to you on the same meter and fare, just as they do at the NH Beach, see the first link below.

Here are the tickets I saved just for this kind of day because I knew the Injustice was... and is... palpable. And here is your back story/note to Mayor Menino and here is KingCast interview of Transportation Director Tinlin. Boston needs dedicated parking for motorcycles and highway scooters.

Can you please email me when and how concerned citizens may bring this before City Council at a public meeting? When will the injustice end? How much longer? Not long, I hope. Because Justice delayed is Justice denied.

cc: Kevin McCrea; Bill Trabucco, more to follow.

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Ahmad Badr said...

Chris, I agree, Boston is the most motorcycle unfriendly city I have ever been in. The laws around motorcycle parking are simply unjust and worse yet inconsistently enforced. I feel rescinding the “no angle” parking law is just the tip of the iceberg of the reform that is needed.