29 August 2009

KingCast and Tom Tinlin announce: The end of "No Angle Parking" tickets for Boston motorcyclists; more revisions to follow.

In the YouTube video above Mr. Tinlin made certain representations about his committment to reform on Motorcycle parking. In this post a couple of days ago I applauded the emergence of Cambridge-style bicycle lanes in Boston and asked whether "no angle parking" bans and other parking arrangements would be coming for motorcyclists soon.

In an after-hours telephone call yesterday evening (5:37 to be exact) Boston Transportation Commissioner Tom Tinlin unequivocally answered:


He is going to order all ticket writing to cease on the no angle parking and told me that there will be designated motorcycle parking areas as well. That is a wonderful response from an earnest guy -- he's one of the only bureaucrats who can shoot you a peace sign when you ride past him and it doesn't come off like Nixon -- you know he really means it. I like Tom and I'm glad he's honoring his commitment to reform on these issues. Let's look forward to a more progressive Boston for all of the Right Reasons.

PS: I was so glad to hear the news I forgot to follow up with him and Councilor Linehan on whether they will waive my no angle tickets from Davey Kenney's BMW, one thing at a time though :)

Now for more on Davey Kenney, Liko Kenny, Bruce McKay, former NH AG Kelly Ayotte, her felony friend Gregory W. Floyd, repeated violations of 18 U.S.C. 922(g)(1), and the Franconia shooting tragedy read yesterday's post, discussing Casey Sherman's upcoming book, "Bad Blood: Freedom and Death in the White Mountains."

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