12 August 2009

KingCast and Boson bikers go viral to Mayor Menino with the push for fair and reasonable parking rules.

Gentlemen and Ladies:

To all of you area bikers I've met and to those I am about to meet:

In addition to trying to amend the ridiculous "no angle parking" policy Mayor Menino and Traffic Commissioner Tinlin and Councilor Linehan have a full plate on their hands. It's election season, the school year is starting soon and things are going to get crazy.

To keep them focused, we at KingCast ask that you email the link to this post (which contains links to all of the other posts) to the email chain I will publish in the comments section tomorrow.

Bottom Line:
Dedicated parking, multiple bikes, one spot, one fare/reduced fares.

MassMotorcycle.org Just wrote me and they are down for the cause. They report that their meeting with Tom Tinlin was productive and a task force was created. I expect to become a part of that effort in short order, but right now my mission is to make their jobs easier by showing them that bikers and voters support their constructive efforts toward change, read: Justice. CC me on everything because it's all a matter of Public Record.

Don't forget that Boston Mayoral Candidate Kevin McCrea, now focused on other matters as grows his career, has indeed competed at the Isle of Man, so we know he would do the Right Thing if he were in office. I like Mr. Tinlin and I think he's going to do the Right Thing too. I'll withhold my opinion on His Honor at this point.

Peace, Love, Guidance and Shiny Side Up.

PS: There is another scooter rally tomorrow morning.

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thomas.tinlin@cityofboston.gov, road_captain@verizon.net, nate3582@hotmail.com, jeff@jeffcutler.com, seanfitzroy@gmail.com, Stephanie.Alves@cityofboston.gov, Bill.Linehan@cityofboston.gov, sam.yoon@cityofboston.gov, Charles.Yancey@cityofboston.gov, Chuck.Turner@cityofboston.gov, Michael.F.Flaherty@cityofboston.gov, Michael.Ross@cityofboston.gov, mayor@cityofboston.gov, ABadr@statestreet.com, info@billtrabucco.com, electkevin@gmail.com, kingjurisdoctor@gmail.com