31 August 2009

John Corboy gives KingCast a thumbs up on no-angle parking, thumbs down to Quirk Ford and Cash for Clunkers

I just met John Corboy today by happenstance 'cos he's a biker. John was quite pleased to hear about the demise of Boston’s horrid, ill-conceived and rabidinous “no angle parking” ban (read: assault on motorcyclists and large scooter riders). Thanks again to Traffic Commissioner Tom Tinlin as noted in this post and KingCast YouTube video.

John is substantially less pleased (read: about to sue) Quirk Ford because he claims they didn’t honor the Deal he brokered with the dealership in the cash for clunkers program, which has been having problems nationwide.
“They said they didn’t get approval or some nonsense, but the kicker is while I was working my Deal I told [a family member] to come in and they did and they got their deal before the time expired..... I think they made more money off of his deal so mine fell by the wayside”

Having worked in automotive and motorcycle sales on prior occasion, the KingCast spidey senses tell me he and his lawyer are about to get paid :)

I also want to know where all of that scrap metal is going to end up: There are a whole lot of illegalities going on with export of that stuff to Asia from the U.K. and from the U.S. In fact, DHL was hit with a $9.4M settlement, a drop in the bucket next to their overall revenue of course.

KingCast: True stories from America's Heartland.

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