27 August 2009

Boston joins the 21st Century with bicycle lanes; surely the "no angle" motorcycle parking ban is next!

Spotted this evening (morning) at 12:46 a.m. on Columbus Avenue.

Here's the back story on the Boston bicycle problem.

Here's the back story on the motorcycle no angle parking law.

Here's a KingCast impromptu YouTube interview with Transportation Commish Tom Tinlin.

Mayor Menino is welcome to use the KingCast iMpromptu iPhoto from the saddle of the Kawi 650R to show his progression on this issue. Note: I did not angle park though as I was worried about getting another bogus ticket :)

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Christopher King said...

PS: It was a trip -- the worker had dropped his tape measure near the area he needed to bake with the flame, so I picked it up for him and placed it on top of the gas tank as I prepared to take the picture. He and I both just nodded, like, "right on bro."

It was cool.

You can see it there in the photo.