31 August 2009

John Corboy gives KingCast a thumbs up on no-angle parking, thumbs down to Quirk Ford and Cash for Clunkers

I just met John Corboy today by happenstance 'cos he's a biker. John was quite pleased to hear about the demise of Boston’s horrid, ill-conceived and rabidinous “no angle parking” ban (read: assault on motorcyclists and large scooter riders). Thanks again to Traffic Commissioner Tom Tinlin as noted in this post and KingCast YouTube video.

John is substantially less pleased (read: about to sue) Quirk Ford because he claims they didn’t honor the Deal he brokered with the dealership in the cash for clunkers program, which has been having problems nationwide.
“They said they didn’t get approval or some nonsense, but the kicker is while I was working my Deal I told [a family member] to come in and they did and they got their deal before the time expired..... I think they made more money off of his deal so mine fell by the wayside”

Having worked in automotive and motorcycle sales on prior occasion, the KingCast spidey senses tell me he and his lawyer are about to get paid :)

I also want to know where all of that scrap metal is going to end up: There are a whole lot of illegalities going on with export of that stuff to Asia from the U.K. and from the U.S. In fact, DHL was hit with a $9.4M settlement, a drop in the bucket next to their overall revenue of course.

KingCast: True stories from America's Heartland.

29 August 2009

KingCast and Tom Tinlin announce: The end of "No Angle Parking" tickets for Boston motorcyclists; more revisions to follow.

In the YouTube video above Mr. Tinlin made certain representations about his committment to reform on Motorcycle parking. In this post a couple of days ago I applauded the emergence of Cambridge-style bicycle lanes in Boston and asked whether "no angle parking" bans and other parking arrangements would be coming for motorcyclists soon.

In an after-hours telephone call yesterday evening (5:37 to be exact) Boston Transportation Commissioner Tom Tinlin unequivocally answered:


He is going to order all ticket writing to cease on the no angle parking and told me that there will be designated motorcycle parking areas as well. That is a wonderful response from an earnest guy -- he's one of the only bureaucrats who can shoot you a peace sign when you ride past him and it doesn't come off like Nixon -- you know he really means it. I like Tom and I'm glad he's honoring his commitment to reform on these issues. Let's look forward to a more progressive Boston for all of the Right Reasons.

PS: I was so glad to hear the news I forgot to follow up with him and Councilor Linehan on whether they will waive my no angle tickets from Davey Kenney's BMW, one thing at a time though :)

Now for more on Davey Kenney, Liko Kenny, Bruce McKay, former NH AG Kelly Ayotte, her felony friend Gregory W. Floyd, repeated violations of 18 U.S.C. 922(g)(1), and the Franconia shooting tragedy read yesterday's post, discussing Casey Sherman's upcoming book, "Bad Blood: Freedom and Death in the White Mountains."

KingCast and the iPhone present: Where trucks come to die.

27 August 2009

Boston joins the 21st Century with bicycle lanes; surely the "no angle" motorcycle parking ban is next!

Spotted this evening (morning) at 12:46 a.m. on Columbus Avenue.

Here's the back story on the Boston bicycle problem.

Here's the back story on the motorcycle no angle parking law.

Here's a KingCast impromptu YouTube interview with Transportation Commish Tom Tinlin.

Mayor Menino is welcome to use the KingCast iMpromptu iPhoto from the saddle of the Kawi 650R to show his progression on this issue. Note: I did not angle park though as I was worried about getting another bogus ticket :)

KingCast again pings U.S. Attorney Roy Chabra about U.S. Senate hopeful and former NH AG Kelly Ayotte's felony friend Gregory Floyd.

Dear Attorney Chabra:

Despite representations (and a hug) from Vice President Biden it has been ten (10) months now since we first met, and I am still waiting for any response from the U.S. Attorney's office regarding Gregory W. Floyd's repeated violations of 18 U.S.C. 922(g)(1), the most recent of which occurred last year -- within the Statute of Limitations.

As you know, the Grafton County Superior Court Docket Sheet on Case No. 98-S-242 clearly reflects that the U.S. Attorney's office failed to respond to the same inquiry made ten (10) years ago. And you told me nine (9) months ago that the office of the NH Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms would contact me shortly. They have not.

As such, and now that we see former NH AG and U.S. Senate hopeful Kelly Ayotte's "hero" Gregory Floyd properly incarcerated for yet another distinct set of gun violations and bad behavior, it occurred to me that A.J. Boisvert might not have been subject to Gregory Floyd's criminal threats (fact: he was convicted) if your office had taken some action ten (10) years ago. Also, Liko Peter Kenney might still be alive instead of being murdered (well-reasoned opinion based on the windshield bullet that Kelly Ayotte willfully ignored). But Kelly Ayotte cleared him in less than 24 hours and lied to another former AAG, Harold Burbank, Esq. Read about Kelly Ayotte's lies to another AAG here. This despite the fact that she knew all about Gregory Floyd's record of dishonesty and multiple felon background.

If this is the sort of responsive government championed by President Obama and Vice President Biden, I'll pass. The taxpayers of this Fine Country deserve more. I eagerly anticipate the publication of Casey Sherman's book, "Bad Blood: Freedom and Death in the White Mountains." While Mr. Sherman and I only crossed paths twice in our respective investigations, I get the feeling that he is going to be mentioning a lot of the same issues. Also, a Federal Complaint will be issued to put various Senators on Actual Notice to Kelly Ayotte's Deviations from Protocol in the Franconia shooting tragedy "investigation." Perhaps that will elicit a response from our responsive government, but I'll not hold my breath.

Respectfully and diligently submitted,

Christopher King, J.D.

24 August 2009

Hey KingCast have you forgotten about the U.S. House/Senate complaint against (thankfully) former NH AG Kelly Ayotte?

No I haven't forgotten a thing; Davey Kenney and I were working on this matter last night. This is a repost of a June 2008 blog entry. The only difference is that the Franconia Collective Complaint will now be sent to various Senators in light of Kelly Ayotte's Senate Candidacy.

Dear Speaker of the House and special counsel:

We as the Franconia Collective are a concerned group of citizens who either reside in the North Country of New Hampshire or who have serious concerns about the quality of life in an area that should be known for its innate beauty and tranquility. The Robert Frost home and the former Man in the Mountain are but two of the many cultural icons of beauty for which the area is known.

On 5/11 2007 any notion of beauty was erased in the tragic and ugly deaths of Liko Peter Kenney and Corporal Norman Bruce McKay when Mr. Kenney shot Corporal McKay after McKay violated at least 7 distinct OC Spray and Pursuit policies against Mr. Kenney and his friend, Caleb Macaulay, over an expired inspection sticker. The New Hampshire Attorney General, Kelly Ayotte, issued an immediate coronation (i.e. within 24-hours) of three (3) time felon Gregory Willis Floyd as a "hero" despite evidence that indicates that he issued material lies about his actions in shooting Liko Kenney and more evidence that indicates that he may well have murdered Mr. Kenney.

[Update 23 August 2009: In fact Kelly Ayotte and the Town conducted no investigation or report regarding the (im)propriety of the stop itself. That's because it would have shown that Liko Kenney shot Bruce McKay out of fear or self-defense, and once you have Gregory Floyd killing someone who acted in self-defense or fear/manslaughter you have a whole different ball game. I'm not fooled nor is Casey Sherman, whose book "Bad Blood: Freedom and Death in the White Mountains" is headed for publication next month.]

It is true that Liko Kenney shot and killed Bruce McKay. However, what is most disturbing is that the New Hampshire Attorney General's office has started and ended its entire inquiry with that notion. Most shocking is the documented pattern of willful ignorance to a decade-old problem with Bruce McKay and the immediate and continued failure to truly investigate the actions of Mr. Floyd as potentially criminal.

We now present these matters to you in the hope of a new and earnest investigation of all salient issues in this case, similar to the inquiry that freed Joseph Salvati, as noted in this post. We have the express support of several statesmen and attorneys from other jurisdictions as well as a 30-year member of the Governor's Executive Council and former Mayor of Nashua, New Hampshire.

With this in mind we provide you with a copy of what is arguably the most even-handed story on this tragedy from ABC News as we now turn to an outline of events since 1997 when the Bruce McKay era began.....

Update: As if on cue, the State of New Hampshire has come to its senses and appealed the bail reduction given to Gregory W. Floyd. I covered that here and broke it elsewhere on the Internet. When the $20,000.00 cash bail was initially set, the Court found him to be a threat to society, most assuredly. Note that he has gotten away for repeatedly violating 18 U.S.C. 922(g)(1) on at least three (3) occasions, as proved by his own admission. [For a practice pointer on his upcoming trial for his tirade against LE while he was under arrest, check the comments.]

Below he is hurling profanities ("what are you looking at Motherfucker!") to an LE friend of mine who let me use his camera and who was standing to my immediate left in a previous Floyd hearing on 15 April, 2008. Floyd was convicted of criminal threats against his neighbor, Alma Jean Boisvert. The LE and others in the KingCast/Franconia Collective brought cameras so that we could capture the real Gregory Floyd, and we (and other media) surely did.

Unfortunately, Liko Kenney also saw him at his zenith, or nadir. The State knows that Floyd has walked away from a LOT of criminal charges and this time they are actually paying attention. The AG's office could have easily referred him to the Feds/ATF for the 18 U.S.C. 922(g)(1) situation 11 years ago but failed to do so.

In fact, U.S. AG Mark Zuckerman vowed to me that he would go to the ATF months ago but I am not certain of the status on that promise. "Google" his name on this blawg for more. A lot more.

23 August 2009

KingCast explains roll on acceleration and the Kawasaki 650R.

Roll-on acceleration is what makes a bike fun to ride without shifting. Many bikes are fast when you wring the snot out of them at upwards of 9, 10, even 14,000 rpm. However, in the Real World it's all about what happens down low and in the midrange. The engineers at Kawasaki have put engine output and gearing together on the 650R so that the midrange is where the Big Hit happens, i.e. 5,000 - 8,500 rpm, to make the most out of 48 ft. lbs. of torque. The results are astonishing: The 650R is not only much quicker than its nemesis, the Suzuki SV650 (I verified this against my friend's SV the other day in traffic) but it is also more spritely in 6th gear than a Yamaha V-Max, a Honda 919 or a Triumph Tiger 955, as noted in Motorcyclist Magazine 60-80 top gear roll-on. And as the license plate suggests.

GSX1300R Hayabusa ('03) 2.70
GSX-R750 ('06) 3.37
Ninja 650R ('06) 3.58
Honda 919 ('03) 3.59
V-Max ('03) 3.69
Ninja ZX-6R ('06) 3.89
Tiger 955i ('02) 4.19
Suzuki SV650 ('04) 4.44
VFR800F Interceptor ('02) 5.07

You get the picture. Miles of smiles :)

16 August 2009

KingCast presents: Garden

KingCast, BMW Motorrad, Wagner Motorsports, Sara and Brad present: A fine day of BMW riding at Wachusett Reservoir!

The rankings:
BMW F650GS Twin -- 71hp 55 ft/lbs torque. This is one great-looking machine. It is a detuned version of the F800S/T engine that I came to ride, you can see one of those in this post. Great bike, nice sophisticated sounds, great suspension - compliant but firm enough so you can get down. Low on power compared to my 650R, even though the horsepower rating is exactly the same and the BMW's torque rating is a bit higher, the Kawi would smoke this bike. Why is the brake reservoir on a flex-mount so it vibrates somewhat annoyingly? Kinda cool kinda not. Third place.

BMW K1300 S -- 175hp 103 ft/lbs torque. This was my second ride. This bike is thoroughly awesome in every way except for a bit of buzziness at various rpms. I set the Electronic Suspension Adjustment (ESA) to "Normal" as "Sport" should be reserved for track use IMO. Odd seat, it is double-joined and takes some getting used to. Yes, it is fast as hell, but just flat capable and composed and amazingly light on its feet. You have no idea you are on top of 500 lbs. of motorcycle. But as good as it is, I was surprised that I think I like another bike a bit more for when I have enough loot to buy one of these fine machines.

BMW R1200 GS -- 105hp 85 ft/lbs torque. The winner IMO. This is the "Do it all" BMW. It's about big as a house, but don't let that fool you. It is totally flickable and holds the corners well at anything less than hooligan pace. You have to get past the feeling that you are falling into the turn because it's so tall, but just set the ESA to "Sport" and it just flat rocks. Easy wheelies (not that I intended to pull any he-heh) but it throttle wheelies at the top of the powerband so easily and if you snap throttle in second it's coming right up, yah. The vibrations are soothing, and it's a just flat charming motorcycle. There is a reason it is BMW's top seller Worldwide.

Sponsored by BMW Motorrad, this is a Nationwide series of planned events where folks can get an opportunity to enjoy the greatness of modern BMW motorcycles in a controlled, safe and enjoyable environment. Those of you who know me know I took care of Davey Kenney's vintage R100S for a year and that's a great old bike, but these bikes are perhaps even more incredible than that bike was in its Day. Watch it tick over, loose valves and all, after 5 months of cold storage right here. I miss that bike.

Our capable tour guides Sara Life and Brad Henson let the bikes breathe as much as could reasonably be expected, and in the case of the K1300 S I took for my second ride, those breaths come up quickly. Let's just say the acceleration of that 175 hp machine is best described as "brisk."

Thanks to General Manager Mark Reynolds. On Kim -- who helped her buddy Devin wash bikes -- I couldn't make any excuse to get mine washed 'cos I keep it close to spotless, so I just took the damn picture anyway :)

For more about BMWs new and old simply run a word search in the top corner for "BMW" or "BMW spoken here."
My BMW cars: Mr. Handsome, Greta + all the rest.

Wagner Motorsports
700 Plantation Street
Worcester MA 01605

Meanwhile, earlier that day I got my race face on while I prepped the vicious BMW 245 for track duty, and later that day my little Kawasaki 650R was one half of a pair of fighting Ninjas, protecting the walkway to the Mac Store in Boston's Back Bay, on the way to an evening of Shakespeare in the Park :)

KingCast and Commonwealth Shakespeare present: A Comedy of Errors!

Thanks guys and dolls, that was a fun show last night :)

A while ago some blogger bloke named "Boston Bob" hooked up with these folks to expose what was happening to Derrick Gillenwater, and his case eventually settled after the ACLU wrote two (2) Supreme Judicial Court Briefs.

12 August 2009

KingCast and Boson bikers go viral to Mayor Menino with the push for fair and reasonable parking rules.

Gentlemen and Ladies:

To all of you area bikers I've met and to those I am about to meet:

In addition to trying to amend the ridiculous "no angle parking" policy Mayor Menino and Traffic Commissioner Tinlin and Councilor Linehan have a full plate on their hands. It's election season, the school year is starting soon and things are going to get crazy.

To keep them focused, we at KingCast ask that you email the link to this post (which contains links to all of the other posts) to the email chain I will publish in the comments section tomorrow.

Bottom Line:
Dedicated parking, multiple bikes, one spot, one fare/reduced fares.

MassMotorcycle.org Just wrote me and they are down for the cause. They report that their meeting with Tom Tinlin was productive and a task force was created. I expect to become a part of that effort in short order, but right now my mission is to make their jobs easier by showing them that bikers and voters support their constructive efforts toward change, read: Justice. CC me on everything because it's all a matter of Public Record.

Don't forget that Boston Mayoral Candidate Kevin McCrea, now focused on other matters as grows his career, has indeed competed at the Isle of Man, so we know he would do the Right Thing if he were in office. I like Mr. Tinlin and I think he's going to do the Right Thing too. I'll withhold my opinion on His Honor at this point.

Peace, Love, Guidance and Shiny Side Up.

PS: There is another scooter rally tomorrow morning.

11 August 2009

KingCast asks Mayor Menino, Commissioner Tinlin and Councilor Linehan: When will Boston repeal the rapacious "no angle" motorcycle parking ban?

Boston Hates Motorcyclists Dear Mayor Menino, Commissioner Tinlin and Councilor Linehan: I am patiently awaiting your response to my prior emails and now formally submit you the actual tickets in dispute. Feel free to review the file to see that I paid the other parking tickets for this machine, but I refused to pay these four (4) and would have appealed them had I not moved to Atlanta last year for a job assignment.

You simply cannot park a BMW R100S straight on parallel to the curb or one day you will find it on its side. More importantly, you should not have to park any motorcycle parallel to the curb and others should be permitted to park right next to you on the same meter and fare, just as they do at the NH Beach, see the first link below.

Here are the tickets I saved just for this kind of day because I knew the Injustice was... and is... palpable. And here is your back story/note to Mayor Menino and here is KingCast interview of Transportation Director Tinlin. Boston needs dedicated parking for motorcycles and highway scooters.

Can you please email me when and how concerned citizens may bring this before City Council at a public meeting? When will the injustice end? How much longer? Not long, I hope. Because Justice delayed is Justice denied.

cc: Kevin McCrea; Bill Trabucco, more to follow.

KingCast, I'm confused.... is your bike faster than an Audi S4?

Ummmm..... nope. A 650R is lucky to crack 130 not that I would know, while the Audi is governed to 150. But by the time you get there, I'll be at home, parked and eating a plate of sushi. This is what happened this morning on the way to work, some dude tried to pull me coming out of a traffic jam at about 50 -- I didn't even downshift to 4th, just from 6th to 5th and just totally walked him. I might post some video later or tomorrow.
The eight-cylinder engine`s thrust thus enables the new Audi S4 with its new 6 speed manual gearbox to complete the sprint from 0 to 60 mph in just 5.6 seconds (a conservative number). It takes just 20.6 seconds to reach 124 mph, whilst the top speed is a governed 150 mph.

Yah, whatever. That's slowsville. 344hp vs. 71, how funny. And while the Audi sounds great, so too does the 650R, as noted in Motorcycle Daily:
The engine really sounds great while you are riding, as well. Like many v-twins, the induction noise as air is fed to this parallel twin a short distance below your ears is real music. Particularly, as you hit the meat of the mid-range above 6,000 rpm, the 650R simply sounds fantastic to the rider. This was a big part of the enjoyment offered by the bike during our test, and should not be discounted as an important aspect of the ownership experience.

Almost any bike bigger than a 250 will smoke most cars to 100mph. Of course come winter that quattro AWD system will laugh at my bike and the BMW which is -- ahem -- stuck with rear wheel drive, so to speak :)

09 August 2009

KingCast, David Coltin and Devine Millimet all support Justice for David Coltin, former NH AG Kelly Ayotte didn't care one bit.

David Coltin Kelly Ayotte False Arrest Perjury Thankfully former NH AG Kelly Ayotte apparently never responded to my RSA 91-A request about David Coltin's situation, in which his ex-wife lied about him stalking her. She made a videotape that he claims clearly exonerated him (he was there to retrieve his children pursuant to child custody arrangement) and gave it to the police. The police then either destroyed it or gave it back to her, a huge no-no in the chain of custody and for Procedural and Substantive Due Process because he was charged with criminal activity! Here's more from DC Write-Up.

Along the way at least one State official apparently lied, all of which could easily constitute Criminal Perjury, but Kelly and her staff just blew it off, same way they blew off my Perjury and clear-cut forgery complaints in the past. Here's one example at pp. one and two. Those jokers just forged my name to a mortgage and sent a fax for funding, that's called WIRE FRAUD, duh.

Time for me to follow up on my RSA 91-A request again, while you read the file here in pdf.

The well-respected NH law firm Devine Millimet observed:
"Judge Muirhead expressed his opinion that the plaintiff has an excellent case and that it seems quite clear that both the Londonderry Police Department and Rockingham County Attorney William Hart -- whom the judge claimed to know as the source of numerous problems and errors -- had acted inappropriately in their dealings with Mr. Coltin. Frankly, I have never observed Judge Muirhead to be quite so free with his criticisms and opinions as he was during this particular conference...."

But of Course Kelly Ayotte once again turned a blind eye to Justice. Thank goodness she is outta' there. Now we just have to make sure she doesn't luck up and make Senate. As to where my blog about her disappeared, one can only wonder.

08 August 2009

I'm confused..... KingCast please tell us about your new notebook... are you still running a Mac?

Okay. It is a Unibody Aluminum MacBook Silver, 2.4Ghz Intel (1066mhz bus), 2GB RAM, 250GB drive, 10.5 Leopard, 802.11n, Bluetooth, glass multi-function touchpad, etc, etc. It's lovely.
This machine, in comparison to the very capable [KingCast] Black Book, just screams.

Downside: Glossy screen is not always cool, especially on-the-go. I would have preferred something else, but hey what Jobs wants, Jobs gets.

KingCast: Gotta' stay current. It will match with the new iPhone nicely.

07 August 2009

KingCast finds Dyno Records..... the coolest store in Newburyport!

I have walked right past this side street for a couple of times every year and never walked up to notice this sublimely jazzy record store. In fact most of what they offer is jazz -- so much in fact that I decided to budget $100 and come on back to get some Good Stuff :)

Peace Out!

05 August 2009

KingCast friendly note to Mayor Menino on how to park a scoot (or motorcycle).

Dear Mayor Menino and Transportation Commissioner Thomas Tinlin:This post concerns last week's post and on-the-street interview with Mr. Tinlin regarding the scooter and motorcycle parking regulations that prohibit "no angle parking." Yesterday I happened to be working out on the Coast -- specifically near Salisbury Beach -- whereupon a very special H-D cruiser parked next to my little Ninja, at the same spot, legally. At an angle. As you can see when you zoom in on the lower photo, two motorcycles are specifically allowed.

Significantly, there was no surcharge so the town was not trying to bilk us for loot, instead encouraging the use of fuel efficient vehicles. In Boston we need to allow 3-4 motorcycles or scooters per parking space on the same meter head, just my $.02.

Thank you in advance for your continued attention in this matter.

-Christopher King, J.D./KingCast.net

cc: Kevin McCrea

01 August 2009

KingCast congratulates Casey Sherman on National TV appearance tomorrow, Sunday, 6:30 a.m. Fox & Friends.

Update: Here is the segment.

Here is the KingCast 28 May post noting Casey's two current projects, Casey Sherman interviewed by Concord Monitor on "The Finest Hours" and "Bad Blood: Freedom and Death in the White Mountains."

When Bad Blood hits, you want to go straight to the part about the windshield/bullet. No matter what "side" you are on when it comes to the Franconia Shooting Tragedy, you have got to get to the Truth about what really happened. NH AG Kelly "don't let the doorknob hitcha" Ayotte assiduously avoided the Truth, so I carefully reviewed the "investigative" files, put the Truth on these pages, and I sued her a couple of times under RSA 91-A. For their part the Courts pretty much helped her avoid answering any critical questions about GSR, clothing, ballistics, the whole 9 yards, so that they could protect her and a flawed Justice/LE system in general.

At least multiple felon Gregory W. Floyd is in prison now (oddly enough for gun threats, go figure) even though he should have done time for the murder of Liko Kenney, who shot an abusive cop named Norman Bruce McKay out of fear and self-defense.

The Franconia Collective will be issuing a complaint to the U.S. House and Senate in early fall, so they can see what Kelly is up to.... in short.... No Good.