30 July 2009

KingCast says Gates encounter should alert Ogletree, Obama that some MassCops are still racist pigs.

From the Boston Herald:

A Boston police officer allegedly sent a mass e-mail using a disgraceful racial slur in referring to Harvard University professor Henry Louis Gates Jr., prompting the commissioner to move immediately to fire the cop, the Herald has learned.

Officer Justin Barrett, 36, a two-year veteran assigned to District B-3, was placed on administrative leave pending a termination hearing yesterday afternoon. When a supervisor confronted Barrett about the e-mail - in which he called Gates a “jungle monkey” - he admitted to being the author, according to officials.

Police Commissioner Edward Davis immediately stripped the cop of his gun and badge, according to officials.


But let's go back a ways to when the MassCops called the NAACP the "National Association of Asshole Colored People" relative to my tenure as NAACP Legal Chair for Southern New Hampshire. They then shut down the form entry after I cold cold busted them. Nothing. Has. Changed.

That's why Derrick Gillenwater and Boston Bob have approached President Obama and Professor Ogletree -- again -- about his ongoing situations here in Boston (currently involving Citibank's wrongful dishonor of a settlement check from a legal malpractice case in which Mr. Gillenwater was a Holder in Due Course), in which the ACLU -- through white attorneys -- has submitted High Court Memoranda, while most black folks sit by on the sidelines.

Why is that? Does Derrick have to be a Harvard Professor or friend of the President to get help even though his rights have been so clearly violated?

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Anonymous said...

What that Cambridge cop did WAS "stupid", and Obama should NOT have sacrificed Professor Gates' civil rights on the altar of race relations.