23 July 2009

KingCast presents: Visit New Hampshire and Die --- another call for NH to re-open a homicide investigation.

As ABC News reports that the silly game goes on, and on, and on....

"Patric's face was traumatized. He had lots of bruising and lots of scratches and so on. He had a torn gum. He had debris in his nose, (a result of) being chased through the woods. Or having his face pushed into the ground," said Hamlet. Hamlet said victims of the cold die in curled up, fetal positions. He said their bodies are not stretched out like Patric's was.

"You can't get any stronger voices than these people. These are all independent people," said Terrance McCarthy, an attorney for the family who has been investigating the boy's death for nearly six years.

Patric's family said their frustration is at a boiling point because New Hampshire authorities have consistently refused to reopen the case.

"This isn't just a statistic. This is my son. He's my little boy and he needs to be vindicated. He needs justice," said Dee Murray, Patric's mother.

Thursday morning the family has planned to travel to Concord, N.H., where they will ask the U.S. Attorney's office to join the investigation. O'Connell said he believes they have jurisdiction because Patric's body was found in the White Mountain National Forest.


Anonymous said...

No doubt this blunder occurred on Kelly & Jeff's watch.
Why stop there ??? The Feds should call for an investigation of the New Hampshire Attorney General's Office, period !

Anonymous said...

I second that motion

Anonymous said...

Ayotte withheld the confidential exam of Patric McCarthy for 8+ years. Strelzin was the one that sat with West and Andrews in Sep 04, reviewed the documents, and decided not to release all the photo's and the Exam bu Swain. Ayotte was in-charge. I'm not a layer but Patric was found on Federal Property, sounds like "Obstruction" p.s. Kacavas had the same position as Strelzin when he worked at the A.G. Office???

Anonymous said...

Why hasn't the Newly Elected Governor began to clean out the "Rats Nest" Feds can't do anything as long as Kacavas is still pulling the strings for his ex-co workers. What happened to Sen Shaheen? Ayotte hater, "Above the Law"