11 July 2009

KingCast explains why Lynch and Ayotte cannot be trusted.


Now I'm back to working on the bikes with Davey.


Anonymous said...

and we all know why you can not be trusted as well, dating back to 1998

Anonymous said...

Nominating people that preserve the status quo will not correct the corrupt power structures in New Hampshire.

Anonymous said...

Actually 6:04, you are wrong. King drove up on his own nickle this weekend, talked with friends and asked nothing in return. Seems to me a "huckster" is one that uses and then moves on, never to hear from again. King does not fit that definition, like it or not, jackass.

Christopher King said...


You ain't got nothing. You won't find a single client complaint on me, fool.

Bruce McKay ain't got a roadway named after him, because he couldn't be trusted by his clients.

Kelly Ayotte left because she's in hot water, as documented herein.


Christopher King said...


Dig it. The FRRC acknowledged my donation to Franconia youth; I'll be up to watch some of the soccer later this year.

When you're down (in large part because of Kelly Ayotte and her buddies' bullshit, before them I was doing all right) for a while people will talk all kinds of shit about you.

Then when you're up, got your job and career back on track, got your girly-girl, BMW and Kawasaki all sorted, they will still talk shit.

At least Kelly's out of office, thank goodness for THAT.

-The KingCaster