27 July 2009

Hey KingCast you’re the hardest working man around…. You should take a break, dude.

Well, ummm okay, a moment of roadside tranquility, a gently-rolling stream and an interesting tree detail to boot!

Later I shot this classic Honda I forgot to check the VIN but it's prolly a '77 or so, 550 Four, same as Davey Kenney's BMW R100S. Look at the massive lump o' engine, what a trip.

Speaking of engines, yes the Baby Ninja is running like the proverbial top. It makes all the right noises and does all the right things, grunty engine, and a great chassis overall. Short of a Ducati Multistrada or maybe a Triumph Street Triple I'm All Set, a smash hit for Kawasaki I must say. I might have to get up on this Leo Vince exhaust though, you gotta love that lift-throttle snarl, yah!

PS: Appropriately enough, the girly-girl and I watched "The Night James Brown Saved Boston" a phenomenal presentation (NPR story and Amazon listing). I agree with what he did in the honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, but I also said "sometimes you gotta' let the motherfucker burn."

Witness the newest revelations in the Gates and Gillenwater controversies. It now appears that somebody is lying because the woman who called the police never said nothin' 'bout no black men and the cop actually never spoke to her. Hmmmmm......

My blog on it, read the comments.
Boston Bob's blog on it.

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