21 July 2009

The Gates arrest only highlights the hypocrisy of New England law, police and racism vis a vis the Ogletree/Gillenwater matters.

Note: Professor Gates was dead wrong not to provide his identification. Even if there is some level of racial stereotyping by the neighbor the cop was just doing his job, according to procedure, unlike that jackass cop Bruce McKay from Franconia who is dead because he terrorized one too many citizens one too many times.

Note: The cop was dead wrong not to leave the house once Professor Gates showed him the ID, and he should be sued for wrongful arrest, you know, get the hell off of my porch, officer, have a nice day. It's that simple.

I heard about this ridiculous case this morning, Cambridge cops arresting Professor Henry Louis Gates at his own home. But really this is nothing new, because Boston cops violated another black man's rights some time ago and framed him for drugs, then his lawyers punked him out and he sued them for medical malpractice. Derrick Gillenwater is his name. Then the Courts and his lawyers took away all of his Civil Rights and First Amendment Rights during that case, so he got screwed by the cops and the courts and his lawyers.


But Attorney Ogletree, despite reportedly being approached by Mr. Gillenwater, was not so outwardly vocal about that case and Spike Lee was nowhere to be found -- it was a blogger named "Boston Bob" who got the ACLU to hop on board and file some briefs in the matter and the cases finally settled.


Here is what I found by Googling Boston Bob, authored ironically by the Harvard Media Law Project, which eventually dropped coverage even though there were Massachusetts Supreme Court filings you can see -- if you follow the links there are blogs about both of Mr. Gillenwater's former attorneys.

The revolution might not be televised, but it is apparent on some blogs that our government hates to have around, LOL. I say congrats to Boston Bob and Derrick Gillenwater!

-The KingCaster


John said...

Although I do not discount that the professor "may" have become loud, I do not find the officers statements credible in terms of his fearing for his safety. He says he called the prof. onto the porch for fear of his safety because he was alone. A couple things contradict this...

1. The police report states that another officer said he showed up while Gates was still in the residence.

2. If the officer believed their was an actual break-in and that suspects were still in the house then it would be against police protocol to knock on the door, not wait for back-up or confront 1 suspect alone when the call came out as 2 black men breaking-in.

Keep in mind that he was arrested for a crime that can only take place in public. His being loud in his own house and having the officer ask him to step onto the porch and then arrest him is insane. It would be like asking him to step on the porch whithout cloths and then arresting him for being lewd in public.

Bottom line is it sounds like the cop didn't like his attitude or the fact he didn't fear the officer and that will get you arrested 99 out of 100 times or if black 110 out of 100 times.

Christopher King said...


Bottom line is it sounds like the cop didn't like his attitude or the fact he didn't fear the officer and that will get you arrested 99 out of 100 times or if black 110 out of 100 times.


Exactly. It was racial but it wasn't solely racial.

But my point about Derrick is that why wasn't more done about his cases when he approached Professor/Attorney Ogletree?

Derrick is still dealing with an unfair banking situation (Citibank refused to cash his check even though he was a holder in due course with valid forms of ID), so I will approach Professor Ogletree this week to see what he intends to do about this.

Barack sued Citibank for racism already, so this should be of interest, non?

Read this.


-The KingCaster

John said...

hmmmm .. now the the 911 call show that there was NO mention of a black man let alone two.

I have to wonder how the radio call went out as this now is turning to be more of a racist issue.

How does a "possibly" hispanic person and another unidetified (race) person become two blacks doing a B and E ?

And on top of it, the upstanding officer has been caught in a lie as he NEVER spoke to the complainant prior to approaching Gates.

Have to wonder how the meeting is going to go down at the Whitehouse. How can Gates forgive or apologize for "possibly" getting loud to somebody who will not admit the truth?????

Christopher King said...



I have been too busy at work to follow the intricate details of this, but I'll tell you what, the Devil is in the Details, in audio/video, same thing that is going to happen to Citibank when it all goes down.

Why don't these people ever learn?

As I said in my current post about the night James Brown saved Boston, sometimes I feel the MF has to burn, dammit.

Scorched Earth Policy then they will have to show some respect, dammit.

Urrrrggggghhhh.... sigh.

-The KingCaster