23 June 2009

Smokey Robinson, CCR and KingCast say: "It's a miracle.... and I wonder... who'll stop the rain..."

I thought that Nashua and the Boston area must be approaching record highs (errr... lows) regarding this ongoing patter of particulate matter, and I was right. Not only that, it is a record number of dark and overcast days as well, in the PAST CENTURY

So in honour of all of that, today I said to hell with it, rode the parallel twin bein', fuel-injected havin', high compression workin' wheelie poppin-doin', knee-draggin' Ninja 650R to work and back, in the steady drizzle. Buy a new bike and it WILL RAIN, lol... but I'll be damned if I let a lil' foul weather piss me off.

The gloves are in the dryer, an interesting sound of kevlar and carbon fibre knuckle pads as they strike the rotating drum. Totally random, but with rhythm. Gotta have random rhythm in this World.

Meanwhile, watch out for rickets. Ode to SB and family, private joke were it not for the fact that that government is watching all of it.

PS: The best part -- no jackass pigs like Franconia's Bruce McKay to get in my way. His legacy.

PPS: Smokey Robinson/Terrence Howard, separated at birth LOL....

PPPS: Rain continues next week, into the July 4 weekend.

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