11 June 2009

KingCast says "okay, it will be a nice weekend."

Should have the bike rollin' and a tennis tourney in Franconia, All Good.

Well I probably STILL won't have the Bruce McKay dash cam showing his, ummmmm.... professionalism with the 79 year-old elder, but whatever. It will come, just as surely as those beat-downs that Angela McKay likely faced; that's why she was in a women's shelter so you haters better recognize KingCast knows what time it is; not afraid to say it.


Anonymous said...

85% of domestic violence petitions have been proved to be false after they have been filed. These "shelters" thrive on this exact type of hype you are trying to sell here, they are as full of crap as you are.

Christopher King said...


Too Bad Angela McKay's fell in the OTHER 15% box.

Soon we will watch the 2 hour video of Bruce McKay's "professionalism" with the 79 year-old elder, then we will see who is full of dookie.

'Nuff sed.