25 June 2009

KingCast says "Kawasaki lets the Good Times Roll...."

When I was a wee lad of 8 or so, a cousin of mine took me for a ride on his brand new 72hp Kawasaki KZ900. It was one of the first mass-produced dual overhead cam engines in the U.S. market, and it had a distinctive look to it with its rounded cam cover ends on either end of the engine, whereas the Honda single overhead cam 750 just looked like a toaster, "blah." And OMFG when he hit the gas I'll never forget it was like riding on a damn rocketship. Here is a retro test of the '73 superbikes. So of course Kawasaki pulled a retro art move on us when they created the Ninja 650R by leaving just a glimpse of its engine/valvetrain covers visible. Good work, this marriage of art and bike.

Now of course what's funny 36 years later is that the 71hp 650 is as quick and fast as that 900 was, actually more so. And of course there is the added benefit that it can divert from a straight line at speed without the rider soiling his or her undergarments.

Hey man on the KZ1000 I bought my bike where you are selling yours, what a coincidence.

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Christopher King said...

And no, it's not out of focus.

I shot it from a couple hundred feet away.