19 June 2009

KingCast review of Bruce McKay 5/7 video of elder stop reveals same Robocop theatrics that got him killed on 5/11.

Well now we can finally see how Bruce McKay treats women and elders, the true measure of any man.

I just started out watching this video, which starts at 4:59 and looks like it lasts for quite some time. I have a huge day at work so don't look for much updates until tonight but it sure is interesting how when he tells her that her car has to be towed and she says I don't have a phone to call my husband he tells her she can't us his phone nor will he call her husband to come get her, at 17:03:50.

Now Brucie Baby, exactly what departmental regs tell you that you can't call her husband?


Anyway, the driver and passenger both disregard him and approach his cruiser after he instructs them to stay in the car, so it's not as if Liko Kenney deserved a beat down in 2003 for doing the same thing, especially because Brucie Baby had no Probable Cause to keep him detained anyway.

17:11:30 -- Passenger walks home with a cane and sack of groceries. A butterscotch house cat approaches from the passenger side, then leaves. The passenger returns to the vehicle. The cat returns as well......

Throughout -- An awful lot of dead air. I'll have to reflect on this later, still haven't got halfway though it.

17:29:50 - 17:32:40 -- there is no sound but McKay is squatting next to the driver's side window and visibly talking with the "perp." Why is it that he plays these games with his sound, turning it off and such. Jerks like him are the very reason that newer systems are an automatic on audio whenever the blue lights are activated.

Bottom line: We don't know what his bedside manner was because it's all silent. We can only assume that he carried on in the same way he did at the outset, lying and telling an older woman that he could not phone her husband at home.


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Anonymous said...

GRACCI am glad to hear that you are still around. keep up the good work. There is only one guy like Chris king. He really knows the law and his rights.Chris fights for the rights of others.And because he knows the rights for others. He fights for the rights of others.The only man that I know that fights for others because he knows and cares. God bless chris BRO. LAWRENCE