13 June 2009

KingCast and the birds present: 2006 Kawasaki Ninja 650R -- a BMW F800S/T on the cheap :)

Listen to how declarative those afternoon birds are in this video. When we taped this, I didn't even notice them. How fun is that!

I have always loved a high performance parallel twin. My 1975 RD 350B was the shiznit, sound of ripping silk in the powerband. The Yamaha TDM 850 as well. I had a model of one of those on my desk for years, great bike. Watch a TDM 900 hit 100 in 7-8 seconds. Watch this guy wheelie/stoppie one. The BMW F800S I dug from the minute I saw it, interesting belt drive deal. The S/T Model.

Of course the Clydesdale (bottom) was its own heavy (but 100hp) thing, but no more faster in city/urban traffic than the Ninja, whom I've knicknamed "Effie." Long story but if you know, you know!

Ah, yes, the little Kawi 650R. With a couple-hundred in suspension dialing it will earn its near-cult status. What a nice, torquey, lightweight bike, smooth, comfortable and quick as hell if you know what you're doing out there :)

I do. Watch the video.

KingCast: Bikes..... We love 'em!


Dave Wagniere said...


You're out of your mind. Its amazing.

Christopher King said...



So you disagree with me on the significance of high performance parallel twin motorcycle engines?

You prefer thumpers, boxer or inline fours or triples, that's cool.

But to say I'm out of my mind implies that you yourself are out of your mind.

What an insipid comment you issued.

-The KingCaster.

Christopher King said...

Oh, wait I know what it is Dave, it's those damned BIRDS you don't like!


Stephen J. Fort said...

You trying to follow in my footsteps with the ninja 600 back in cincinnati. Hope all is well.

Christopher King said...


That's a Good One, Steve.

Just hope I don't follow up with that broken wrist like you did LOL.

Peace my brother.


PS: What's up with Matt or Jack, you ever hear from them?