04 June 2009

KingCast finally gets the Bruce McKay dash-cam video of the 2-hour harassment of a 79 year-old elder.

Well now we can finally see how Bruce McKay treats women and elders, the true measure of any man. We all know he beat his wife, so that's nothing new. Now let's see how he does with an elderly woman with an inspection/registration violation in the booming metropolis of Franconia, NH.

BTW to you clowns who fancy this whole event (and the cover up of the Franconia shooting tragedy) closed, you are quite wrong. Just how wrong will become readily apparent over the coming months. Thanks to NH DOS Attorney Marta Modigliani (who should be AG over Kelly Ayotte any damn day) for the heads-up on the vm overrun :)

Telephone call
Wednesday, June 3, 2009 3:31 PM
"Modigliani, Marta"

"Christopher King"
Good Afternoon Chris:

I tried returning your call; the message I received was that your voice mailbox is full and I couldn’t leave a message. The tape is done. It needs to be reviewed and should go out tomorrow. Can you please call me vis a vis the fee for the work? Thanks



Anonymous said...

Please show us the proof he beat his wife. A temporary restraining order is not proof.

Anonymous said...

So WHEN can we finally see the video. What's the story on the assault on Floyd.

Christopher King said...

5:55 Please show us the proof that you're an idiot. Oh, wait. Some things are self-evident.

5:14 That puppy had better be in my mailbox today or tomorrow, give me a couple of days to sort it and get it set on YouTube because it's going to be in several segments -- 2 hours is a LONG TIME.

-The KingCaster.

Anonymous said...

The only idiot on this blog is Christopher King. That is truly self evident.
Below is an article in part from Massoutrage Asserting the rights of families and children

Restraining Order Dirty Tricks

Restraining orders are often used for ulterior motives, such as throwing out a boyfriend, revenge, ending a marriage, or out of spite. Why? Because they can, and courts enable it.

""There is not an epidemic of domestic violence", said courageous retired District Court judge Raphaelson recently. "There is an epidemic of hysteria about domestic violence." A Massachusetts study revealed 85% of the restraining orders which are issued by courts do not come close to meeting the requirements in the law. Judges issue them, not because the complaining witness makes a legitimate case for abuse, but because they are afraid of the abuse ‘victim' industry or the feminist lobby.

Christopher said...


If you think Angela McKay was abusing the system you are a bigger jackass than Bruce McKay.

Yah, funny the two restraining orders taken out against me got slammed and they were complete bullshit but you fail to mention that :)

Go busy yourself by sticking a knife up to your wife's labia, a trick I'm sure you learned from your buddy Bruce.

-The KingCaster