17 June 2009

KingCast and NH Department of Safety Attorney Marta Modigliani finally arrange delivery of Bruce McKay dash cam video from 5/10.

Well now we can finally see how Bruce McKay treats women and elders, the true measure of any man. We all know he beat his wife, so that's nothing new. Now let's see how he does with an elderly woman with an inspection/registration violation in the booming metropolis of Franconia, NH, the day before he violated 8 protocols on pursuit and OC Spray against Liko Kenney and Caleb Macaulay. Read more.

Spoke with her on Monday and she sent it out. I should have it today and uploaded in short order.

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John said...

You can bet the video will not be complete and at the very least will be missing audio.

There is a reason they took so long to produce this and am sure laughed when they decided to bill you some more money to help cover the cost of editing out those little PD embarassing moments.