05 June 2009

Dewey Defeats Truman, but does the BMW K75T defeat the Ninja 650R?

Prologue: Jeff and Sammy, yooze guys are next :)

So I'm all set to put a deposit down on the Beemer when up pops this lovely vehicle, (more pics) same price, also right-side monoshock, also fuel injected, 20 years newer..... gotta' go ride them both tonight. Always pays to be an informed voter.

PS: I actually prefer the other version of this Kawi without the fairing. Also I think the Kawi is going to win this one. It has but 6K miles on the clock. That's just out of break-in period :)

PPS: At this price I'll not quibble but I told y'all about the Versys 650 back on 29 Nov. 2007. Perhaps one day I will find the fellow or lady who wants to trade the Ninja for their Versys. I like the Ninja but I love the Versys. Versys beats BMW + V-Strom.

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