28 June 2009

Thanks to Shane and crew from Harvest Restaurant and folks from North Country for a splendid dining occasion!

Oh, I know Shane comes from good stock, looks just like his momma! Boston foodies will miss his presence when he moves on to finish his degree in finance. It was quite a pleasure to dine on the culinary treats he and his Harvest crew presented last night. Tasty bevs (Cilantro-infused Gin cocktails, yea), the tuna belly with poached quail egg, the soft shell crab, the scallops, the duck confit, and of course some of the best creme brulee known to man, torched by Shane himself. Enjoy the video :)

PS: The oysters were gone before I had time to take the camera out, LOL.

27 June 2009

KingCast says "Good morning sunshine!"

I trapped this moment in sun off of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge to get me through the crap we just went through in New England, Noah's Ark and whatnot :)

Shaky hands courtesy of sleep deprivation. That is a long drive down and back.

26 June 2009

KingCast says, "Goodnight, Farrah."

Yes, she was a tennis player. And no, I cannot imagine what dinners were like with her, Ryan, Tatum and John but I'm sure it was a trip. Rest in Peace, sister.

KingCast says, "Goodnight, Michael."

It's so easy to crack on Michael Jackson. I don't know exactly WTF was really going on with him and those young boys. I don't know exactly WTF was going on with him, period and Chris Rock doing Ed Bradley interviewing Michael Jackson is one of the funniest things I've ever seen.

But now from those three, all we have left is Chris Rock. And that's not so funny.

25 June 2009

M deRham and KingCast diggin' the rain, at least a lil' bit.

Thanks for the pic, Mickey. Cool stuff. Here's your background.

KingCast whip of the week: 1961 DKW Hummel


KingCast says "Kawasaki lets the Good Times Roll...."

When I was a wee lad of 8 or so, a cousin of mine took me for a ride on his brand new 72hp Kawasaki KZ900. It was one of the first mass-produced dual overhead cam engines in the U.S. market, and it had a distinctive look to it with its rounded cam cover ends on either end of the engine, whereas the Honda single overhead cam 750 just looked like a toaster, "blah." And OMFG when he hit the gas I'll never forget it was like riding on a damn rocketship. Here is a retro test of the '73 superbikes. So of course Kawasaki pulled a retro art move on us when they created the Ninja 650R by leaving just a glimpse of its engine/valvetrain covers visible. Good work, this marriage of art and bike.

Now of course what's funny 36 years later is that the 71hp 650 is as quick and fast as that 900 was, actually more so. And of course there is the added benefit that it can divert from a straight line at speed without the rider soiling his or her undergarments.

Hey man on the KZ1000 I bought my bike where you are selling yours, what a coincidence.

23 June 2009

Smokey Robinson, CCR and KingCast say: "It's a miracle.... and I wonder... who'll stop the rain..."

I thought that Nashua and the Boston area must be approaching record highs (errr... lows) regarding this ongoing patter of particulate matter, and I was right. Not only that, it is a record number of dark and overcast days as well, in the PAST CENTURY

So in honour of all of that, today I said to hell with it, rode the parallel twin bein', fuel-injected havin', high compression workin' wheelie poppin-doin', knee-draggin' Ninja 650R to work and back, in the steady drizzle. Buy a new bike and it WILL RAIN, lol... but I'll be damned if I let a lil' foul weather piss me off.

The gloves are in the dryer, an interesting sound of kevlar and carbon fibre knuckle pads as they strike the rotating drum. Totally random, but with rhythm. Gotta have random rhythm in this World.

Meanwhile, watch out for rickets. Ode to SB and family, private joke were it not for the fact that that government is watching all of it.

PS: The best part -- no jackass pigs like Franconia's Bruce McKay to get in my way. His legacy.

PPS: Smokey Robinson/Terrence Howard, separated at birth LOL....

PPPS: Rain continues next week, into the July 4 weekend.

20 June 2009

KingCast says "Corvette? Mheh......"

KingCast says "Hello Boston!"

I would have been a rough shot to capture on the Ninja, so I had to actually drive a car and stuff. Why drive when you can ride a bike. Weather notwithstanding, New England monsoons and whatnot killing Bike Week LOL.

19 June 2009

KingCast congratulates Emmi Sorokin on her "Man's World Co." 2009 Style Watch video launch!

So glad to see this veteran of Louis Boston get her own thing cooking. Here is her website and facebook and a bit about her bike riding. Last night was a great time by all, more pics and video to follow. Nice guys, pretty ladies, good food, fun music, dancing, the works.

KingCast review of Bruce McKay 5/7 video of elder stop reveals same Robocop theatrics that got him killed on 5/11.

Well now we can finally see how Bruce McKay treats women and elders, the true measure of any man.

I just started out watching this video, which starts at 4:59 and looks like it lasts for quite some time. I have a huge day at work so don't look for much updates until tonight but it sure is interesting how when he tells her that her car has to be towed and she says I don't have a phone to call my husband he tells her she can't us his phone nor will he call her husband to come get her, at 17:03:50.

Now Brucie Baby, exactly what departmental regs tell you that you can't call her husband?


Anyway, the driver and passenger both disregard him and approach his cruiser after he instructs them to stay in the car, so it's not as if Liko Kenney deserved a beat down in 2003 for doing the same thing, especially because Brucie Baby had no Probable Cause to keep him detained anyway.

17:11:30 -- Passenger walks home with a cane and sack of groceries. A butterscotch house cat approaches from the passenger side, then leaves. The passenger returns to the vehicle. The cat returns as well......

Throughout -- An awful lot of dead air. I'll have to reflect on this later, still haven't got halfway though it.

17:29:50 - 17:32:40 -- there is no sound but McKay is squatting next to the driver's side window and visibly talking with the "perp." Why is it that he plays these games with his sound, turning it off and such. Jerks like him are the very reason that newer systems are an automatic on audio whenever the blue lights are activated.

Bottom line: We don't know what his bedside manner was because it's all silent. We can only assume that he carried on in the same way he did at the outset, lying and telling an older woman that he could not phone her husband at home.


17 June 2009

KingCast and NH Department of Safety Attorney Marta Modigliani finally arrange delivery of Bruce McKay dash cam video from 5/10.

Well now we can finally see how Bruce McKay treats women and elders, the true measure of any man. We all know he beat his wife, so that's nothing new. Now let's see how he does with an elderly woman with an inspection/registration violation in the booming metropolis of Franconia, NH, the day before he violated 8 protocols on pursuit and OC Spray against Liko Kenney and Caleb Macaulay. Read more.

Spoke with her on Monday and she sent it out. I should have it today and uploaded in short order.

14 June 2009

KingCast presents: Puppies and Unicycles.

KingCast sees people dance for joy as Kevin McCrea's populist Boston Mayor's movement takes shape.

Also, as one can see, Sam Yoon says he's not clowinging around too! Sorry Sam, no offense. As we agreed today, whether it be Kevin or you, Boston needs some positive change over at City Hall.

13 June 2009

KingCast and the birds present: 2006 Kawasaki Ninja 650R -- a BMW F800S/T on the cheap :)

Listen to how declarative those afternoon birds are in this video. When we taped this, I didn't even notice them. How fun is that!

I have always loved a high performance parallel twin. My 1975 RD 350B was the shiznit, sound of ripping silk in the powerband. The Yamaha TDM 850 as well. I had a model of one of those on my desk for years, great bike. Watch a TDM 900 hit 100 in 7-8 seconds. Watch this guy wheelie/stoppie one. The BMW F800S I dug from the minute I saw it, interesting belt drive deal. The S/T Model.

Of course the Clydesdale (bottom) was its own heavy (but 100hp) thing, but no more faster in city/urban traffic than the Ninja, whom I've knicknamed "Effie." Long story but if you know, you know!

Ah, yes, the little Kawi 650R. With a couple-hundred in suspension dialing it will earn its near-cult status. What a nice, torquey, lightweight bike, smooth, comfortable and quick as hell if you know what you're doing out there :)

I do. Watch the video.

KingCast: Bikes..... We love 'em!

11 June 2009

KingCast says "okay, it will be a nice weekend."

Should have the bike rollin' and a tennis tourney in Franconia, All Good.

Well I probably STILL won't have the Bruce McKay dash cam showing his, ummmmm.... professionalism with the 79 year-old elder, but whatever. It will come, just as surely as those beat-downs that Angela McKay likely faced; that's why she was in a women's shelter so you haters better recognize KingCast knows what time it is; not afraid to say it.

Hey KingCast, do you have an official snack food other than sushi?

Indeed I do! These chips are absolutely the best. You can eat them any time of day, too. Goes with white or red wine, sake, or mixed drinks, including the salty dog.

09 June 2009

KingCast patiently awaits arrival of Bruce McKay dash cam showing his, ummm... professionalism with a 79 year-old manner. UPDATE: It's another $100.00

Well as Attorney Modigliani noted, it should have gone out on 4 June, so it really should have arrived by now, 8 June but you had a weekend in there and U.S. Post Office is pretty slow these days you have to spend like $5 priority mail to get what you used to get for 23 cents.

Meanwhile I believe Gregory Floyd drew another 6 mos. with 6 mos. suspended, to run concurrently with all the other crimes he's doing time on.

Still no word from the Feds on Gregory Floyd's continual issue with 18 U.S.C. 922(g)(1), more than 10 years running now they haven't commented -- despite the request from the Grafton Superior Court -- so why start now. Read the docket sheet.

PS: Marta told me yesterday it will cost a total of something like $255.00 instead of the $155.00 quoted and delivered. I don't so much give a damn about the money (but that is a lot for a state video), I just want the video.

08 June 2009

KingCast sees folks in Boston tribute Grog Shop founder Matt Mugridge.

Matt, we miss you.

Scenes from The Other Side, all the way in Boston I meet folks who respect you at one of the chillest restaurants in town, everybody givin' mad daps to a fallen brother. So many people so sorry that we didn't know where you were.

Michael, let's honor that raincheck.

The Grog Shop.


KingCast presents: A nekkid Ninja 650R.

Ahhhh..... now THAT's better. I'll have to hook that up sometime this summer, much better appearance. In reviewing the torque specifications, I see even without an aftermarket pipe or anything it makes a hair more than the CBR 600, and it makes it over a more usable rev range. I look forward to some tight sections with the guys on the inline fours. Wise man say: You don't have to ride hard to ride fast :)

So I think I will ride it for a coupla' days with no mods, then add the pipe and a -1 +1 or 2 sprocket deal, either both at once or one at a time. That bike then becomes a giant-slayer on a budget, duh. The last time I did that I bought a 1986 Suzuki 550ES for $1,000.00 in 1987. Kawi 66hp/8,600 rpm 46 ft-lb torque; Zook 64hp/10,000 rpm, 37 ft-lb (slim pickings). Quarter mile Kawi 12.0 Zook 12.3 but that doesn't tell the whole story. When you're not running flat out the Kawi will walk away from that Zook like there's no tomorrow. Here is a funny 550ES video. IIRC I bought the bike for 1/3 of its Kelly Blue Book value. This Deal is not quite so sweet, but still well under its value.

It was meant to happen this way.

So funny then my association with Boston Mayoral Candidate Kevin McCrea (my pic is on his blog today) given that he too, is an open-government havin'......(professional no less) motorcycle ridin'.....sushi-eaten....

Gregory W. Floyd sentencing 2p. Tuesday 9 June 2009 for criminal threats against A.J. Boisvert.

Y'all remember the scene from 15 April, 2008 at Littleton District when Floyd showed his jackass self to the World and I told him in no incertain terms "Dude you murdered Liko Kenney," to which he replied "Yah."

I won't be there this time but a KingCast affiliate will cover it.

Barack Obama joins Boston Mayoral Candidate Kevin McCrea for Dorchester Parade!

LOL. The real parade pics and video -- of Kevin in action and truly showing himself to be a Man of the People -- will follow this evening. Meanwhile there was no shortage of beautiful women around to take in the action, some younger some older.

Elect Kevin McCrea blog. Also, my spidey-senses tell me that councilor at-large candidate Bill Trabucco is a Good Guy too. I had a nice chat with him about life, death and taxes.

-The KingCaster.