21 May 2009

Okay Sarge, bring on the video dammit.

Dear Attorney Modigliani:

Enclosed please find a money order for $155.00 and a self-addressed FEDEX envelope for return of the CD/DVD of this grand event. Please email me as to the turnaround time but I would anticipate receipt by 24 April, 2009. Thank you.

17 April 2009
KingCast prepares to show the World how Bruce McKay handles minor traffic issues with a 79 year-old Franconia elder.


This was a gosh-dang MONTH AGO. Now Attorney Modigliani, who has always been prompt and professional did tell me a few days ago that Sergeant Armaganian told her (double hearsay) that the procedure would only take one day.

Well all right then, as Marvin Gaye would say "Let's get it on" before we get on an RSA 91-A lawsuit, because the American and World Public needs to see the real legacy of Norman Bruce McKay, Franconia's Finest.

Besides I want to have it when I head up there to play tennis this weekend in preparation for the Mindflight tennis benefit at the Franconia Inn :)

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Christopher King said...

The email header reads:


I'm not asking anymore. It has been a full month now waiting on a process that Sgt. Armaganian told you only takes one day to complete.

If I don't have an email TODAY explaining what the delay is, and when I am getting my video, the Department and Kelly will be subject to an RSA 91-A lawsuit.

Thank you.