27 May 2009

KingCast updates: My check arrived for Youth Soccer, but their video of Bruce McKay harassing an elder is MIA.

I spoke with Sally Small today, my check is there. Marta Modigliani has not yet explained where the hell that video is, though.....

....but Attorney Modigliani has an update:

RE: Address McKay dash cam on elderThursday, May 28, 2009 2:28 PM
Yes….in speaking with the Sgt., absent any technical difficulties with the redactions, I should have the video on its way to you by midweek next week, if not sooner. Should I hear anything to the contrary, I will call you.




Anonymous said...

I think one could fairly infer that the contents of this video negatively affect the interests of the status quo, thus the dilatory tactics.

Christopher King said...


Anytime a cop keeps a 79 year-old woman arrested (not free to leave) for about 2 hours over a simple inspection/registration issue it's ugly, ipso facto.

Attorney Modigliani just told me in a phone call she expects it to be all set by next week.

We shall see, right?

-The KingCaster.

Anonymous said...

Imagine an ordinary citizen, in possession of a video that the NHAG's office deemed relevant to an investigation, cLAMEing "absent any technical difficulties with the redactions, I should have the video on its way to you by midweek next week..." ???
At what point does delay and/or selective editing become obstruction/evidence tampering ?

Anonymous said...

I think the privacy rights of this 79 year old woman who may not have given consent or want the video released is tantamount in importance. Her privacy rights are certainly more important than Christopher Kings continued witch hunt that is being conducted about a deceased police officer Cpl N. Bruce McKay. A police officer who was killed in the line of duty by Liko Kenney. From the NHAG official report:

"In addition, under the circumstances as they were presented to Kenney at
the time, no person would have reasonably believed that it was necessary to use deadly
force against Cpl. McKay. Therefore, Liko Kenney’s use of deadly physical force
against Cpl. McKay was not justified in accordance with RSA 627:4, II."

Have some respect for the deceased officer and his family and for the Kenney family. Liko Kenney was NOT justified in killing Cpl. McKay and NOTHING you keep dragging up is ever going to change that fact. Reading statements made by many friends of Liko Kenney's and witnesses such as Chris Fowler Liko Kenney acted with premeditation on May 11,2007. He had repeatedly stated that he was "taking matters into his own hands"

Anonymous said...

Where is Rose Mary Woods when you need her!

Christopher King said...

2:42/Stupid Jackass

Did it ever occur to you that the 79 year-old woman wants this public, just like the younger woman who watched Bruce McKay stick that knife near her labia?Duh.

The KingCaster