15 May 2009

KingCast speaks on the rumours that Gregory W. Floyd took a beat-down.

This has been circulating for a couple of days now so I figured I would speak to it by way of my email response to one such person:

By the cops or by the inmates?

Either way there is so much not to like about this guy.

That's gonna be so hard for me to prove or disprove, but I will publicly ask the question. In fact some time ago I said that he would have this problem because:

a) he has openly threatened the police so the LE hate him;
b) he murdered (IMO) a kid who was scared of a bad cop so the inmates hate him;
c) he gets breaks that most of his peers do not get so the inmates hate him even more.

and perhaps

d) he talks sh*t about being a Vietnam veteran and some real Vietnam veterans got tired of his bullshit. After all they might be incarcerated in part because of REAL PTSD as opposed to just being a jackass like Floyd.

All part of a long, sad story that could have been prevented if the State had ever addressed the abusive excesses of one Norman Bruce McKay. Speaking of which, any day now I am supposed to be able to pick up that dash cam video of McKay harassing that 79 year-old elder for a couple of hours over a simple registration/inspection issue.

He liked going after those kind of perps; made him feel like a Real Man, kind of like beating his wife or something.

PS: Union Leader -- days after I broke this story -- now reports it happened on 16 April 2009, two days after our birthdays.


Anonymous said...

You should be the first one in line to be the champion of Floyd's cause if that is the case. Either way if he took a beating while under the authority of the state somebody wasn't doing their job, this this a cause you say you like to champion?

Christopher King said...

I'll gladly champion his cause just as soon as I get information from the Feds about WTF they are doing with the 10 year-old request from the State to weigh in on Floyd's habitual 18 U.S.C. 922(g)(1) violations.

I've been asking now for about 7 months.

Sound like a fair trade?