11 May 2009

KingCast says: This is probably the coolest pic of Maria Sharapova, ever.

The shading, the shadow, the movement, the colour, the legs, the arms, this is a fantastic picture. The second pic appears to be a follow-through, or another angle from the same tournament. Most likely a different serve, later in the match for reasons noted in the comments.


Christopher King said...

Yah he-heh.... you pervs who clicked on for a hi-res got a let down didn't you?

I know the feeling LOL.

Also, I hate Prince rackets.

Still a great picture though.


Anonymous said...

how about giving credit for the photographer who took the picture? It is a copyrighted photograph isn't it?

Christopher King said...


Can't go there 'cos it's just up on a website from Australia and I have no clue who shot it.

I just give 'em props.

The second photo, as noted, appears to be from the same tournament.

She appears to be glowing measurably in that second shot, a nice touch.


-The KingCaster

Anonymous said...

Sure beats listening to Monica Seles' grunting !

Anonymous said...

I can't abide her "yelping". As easy as she is on the eyes, I shut off the TV when she is playing. That kind of drama has no business in tennis. When the Williams sisters get in trouble, they effect the "yelp" as an instrument to throw their respective opponents off... reprehensible gamesmanship. I remember when tennis was a gentlemanly/lady-like game with none of this modern-day BS!