11 May 2009

KingCast says "Goodnight, Liko Kenney. You are missed and you died for no good reason."

Watch Liko Kenney discuss philanthropy, martial arts and life in the North Country in this video, and a short film "Franconia 5/11: Injustice on Stilts," right here.Top video capture from Coruway Film Institute, lower photo courtesy M deRham.


Christopher King said...

And when I say "died for no good reason," I mean "murdered by Gregory W. Floyd," IMO.

-The KingCaster

Anonymous said...

The lesson to be learned from Liko's death has been lost by the corrupt power structures that empower the backwoods, backwards, bullying by the boys in blue that still occurs in isolated places like northern New Hampshire.

Christopher King said...


State of NH keeps on keepin' on with the same level of corporate malfeasance, day in day out.

This summer should be interesting when Casey's book hits, and I refile on the emails in the Supreme Court and we file that with the U.S. House.

That's what we need to do, as a process toward Justice.

What our government ultimately does or does not do, is on them. We as citizens will do our part.

-The KingCaster.

David said...

He shot a police office multiple times IN THE BACK and then drove over him.

Looks like people in NH are spoiled hippy brats.

Christopher King said...

Well David, you need to get your facts straight first.

McKay was prone to doing evil and threatening things like sticking knives toward women's privates.

McKay was not shot in the back, he was shot on his side, I read the coroner's report.

Liko Kenney's car only struck McKay after Floyd started shooting, I have seen the photographs but mass media and the AG's office has nicely covered all of this up.

You need to read the facts, as DOCUMENTED by research of the GOVERNENT's OWN FILES, right here.

-The KingCaster.

Steve Perkins said...

Christopher...you might wish to check out David's profile/blog. I'm a professional, a physician as a matter of fact, from the midwest and relatively impartial in this matter, but can read most people fairly well. Look at his profile..strikes me as a vigilante/militia, police officer wannabe in the biggest way. Something of a whacko, per se. "Observe and report"...scary, paranoid stuff indeed.

Christopher King said...

Holy shit, out of Tuscon no less....

Thanks Steve.


Anonymous said...

Cristopher king you are absolute garbage and are sick in the head. Oh and Steve perkins I can read you pretty well too and you are a faggot loser who probably sits on your grandmas computer all day long.

That coward kenney deserved to die, the officer did not. Just because you two are bitter toward law enforcement doesn't mean you have to twist stories into ridiculous fantasies just to tickle your vaginas.

Oh and king your blog sucks more than your life does I am sure, just thought I would respond to your appalling poison
of a post.

Christopher King said...


Bruce McKay and Officers Cox & Ball beat, terrorize Liko Kenney in 2003, no probable cause.

That's why the NH Legislature twice said no to Bruce McKay Highway, HB 1428 and SB 154 so you can take all of your ad hominem arguments against me and put them in a place appropriate.

And I might suggest some remedial English and grammar lessons.