09 May 2009

KingCast presents: Uh-Oh!

Hey KingCast, you've got no sense of humour, and you're always just demanding documents and video from the government....... why can't you lighten up a bit.....

But seriously folks I am very concerned about the Bruce McKay dash cam video of him harassing an elder that is an outstanding RSA 91-A request because it's simply not like Attorney Modigliani to play me on my requests. She has historically been prompt and courteous, and when responses were late she would call or write to apologize.

But not now for some reason, I got bupkis. As I said yesterday, it is an Undisputed Truth that I've won the right to review these types of videos before and I will win again if necessary.


Anonymous said...

Gosh, if people see Bruce McKay bullying an ELDERLY WOMAN, then they can't say with a straight face that it was ALL Liko's fault.

Christopher King said...


I get the feeling this is a very nasty little video.

We will see.


Anonymous said...

It was a Liko Kenney's fault NO ONE else pulled the trigger of his gun but Liko Kenney himself. He had told people he was going to kill Cpl. N. Bruce McKay, he carried his gun with him for no other purpose other tahn to "protect" himself from a police officer who had sworn to uphold the laws of the State of NH. Laws in place not for just a few of it's citizens but for all all of them.
The Kenney family believes they are above the laws of New Hampshire

Christopher King said...


Nah, the State of NH and Bruce McKay think they are above the law, witness the video I had to sue to review, and the 8 OC Spray and pursuit violations that McKay was responsible for right before he died.

That is they the citizens of NH, by and through their elected representatives, continue to reject any sort of roadway being named after Bruce McKay while the same honour is bestowed upon police all over the place, in NH and beyond.


-The KingCaster