26 May 2009

KingCast presents News from Franconia: RSA 91-A request and NH AG Kelly Ayotte to investigate Floyd beating, but which one?

Seems the Family Floyd is no stranger to violence, duh. First the Old Man murdered Liko Kenney in my opinion (after Floyd's string of felony and misdemeanor convictions and other charges) then he takes a beat down in prison, resulting in another KingCast RSA 91-A request: Kelly Ayotte and Marta Modigliani, please provide a copy of any and all medical records from 14 April 2009 to present for Gregory W. Floyd, a common prisoner. So interesting that he got beat up on 16 April but for some reason it took KingCast to break it before WMUR reported it.

Next, but sequentially prior to that, Gregory P. Floyd told Pam at the Franconia Business Center (that's not hearsay, it's straight from his mouth, just like the fact that his father started shooting at Liko's car before his car ever struck Bruce McKay) that the evil, menacing Momma Bear (seen above in an M de Rham 4/15/2008 photo) beat his ass good for signing the Petition in Opposition to Bruce McKay Highway II.

I would call my old drinking buddy Jerry Springer with this but he's already got his own opera rolling.....


Anonymous said...

hey jackass of course it is hearsay, you are repeating second hand information that was not stated to you directly by Gregory P. Floyd.
Apparently all rules of the courtroom DO NOT apply in your kangaroo courtroom blog that is overseen by YOU a broken down disbarred attorney. Your blog more than substantiates the decision of the Ohio Supreme Court that you are unfit to practice law in any way shape or form.

Christopher King said...

You must be part of the kangaroo court of Ohio you stupid jackass:

When Pam tells you what Floyd Jr. said and the tape recorder happened to be on while she's interviewing someone else and Floyd Jr. runs his mouth off, it's not hearsay because she heard it straight from him.

Damn you are stupid.

What broken down disbarred attorney are you speaking about?

I an not broken down or disbarred.

Have a nice day.

Christopher King said...


The real issue of course, that you attempt to deflect, is the history of violence in the Family Floyd.

Nice try, jackass.

-The KingCaster

Anonymous said...

One minute you bad mouth the Floyd family and the next you claim to be concerned for Gregory P. Floyd's safety. Suspended for 11 years with no hope of ever getting your license to practice law back. You are a has been, a never will be, a person on the outside of the circle, and that's your own fault and nobody elses. You are to arrogant and self centered to realize you are your own worst enemy...indeed you are an out of control angry black man.

A tape recorded conversation without the persons knowledge, is inadmissable,just as your stating second hand what was told to you, which was not stated directly to you by Gregory P. Floyd. Of course you will disagree yet that is what got you suspended in the first place 11 years ago.
YOU haven't learned anything in 11 years. The judicial system in the United States of America has rules and they aren't written by Christopher King.

P.S. Doesn't matter what racket you buy you will never be close to a semi pro level player anymore than you will ever practice law legally again.

Anonymous said...

I'm not deflecting anything, my focus is on you an out of control angry black suspended attorney who tries to systematically destroy peoples lives because he believes he has the right to do so. You are no better than a junkie your high is screwing with peoples lives, you get off on it. The pattern is there for everyone to see not produced by me or anyone else but by your own actions. When the hell are you ever going to MAN UP and take responsibility for what you have done to your own life let alone anyone elses?

Christopher King said...

6:13, 6:19, Bill the wanker Z3 drivin' no spine havin' backtrackin' bein' on his knees for Gregory Floyd bein'....

Bill catch a clue:

I'm happy with my life and asking questions of our government. Whether I choose to pay my old fees and practice law again is really quite immaterial to that, but you're too stupid to get it.

I have a great job, I'm a project manager where the 5 white guys I manage know damn well I am not an angry black man.

I have great friends and a great tennis game and I love to play.

L8r H8r.

-The KingCaster

PS: Besides, I've got my hands in other ventures you have no clue about, and they are hootlarious and lots of fun, and legal, and sometimes financially rewarding. It's a great year for me, and I know that irks the living shit out of assholes like you, hahahaha....

PPS: The only good thing you ever wrote was Try Gregory Floyd for MurderPPPS: You drive a wanker BMW, dude. E28s are for real men. Z3 is a pussy car.

Christopher King said...

And oh,

I see you have no response on the hearsay because you are wrong.

Ha ha.


Anonymous said...

no response because logical people can not have discussions with illogical people. You are a liar and a piss poor "journalist" who knowingly continues to post outright lies. Example the BMW Z3 that was purchased by me for my wife as a birthday present. This fact was clearly stated in the post made by me.

What irks the hell out of me is your continued posting of lies period. If you were to drop dead today your passing would mean absolutely nothing to me.

Boys measure their success by bling which is only an outside wrap covering up the pile of shit hiding inside that they really are.

Men on the other hand make commitments and stick to them and accept the outcomes. That includes even if the outcome doesn't play out the way they personally feel it should.

Christopher King said...

As I said in response, a Real Man would have bought an Alfa.

But we know who wears the pants in your relationship LOL :)

-The KingCaster

PS: There is no lie anywhere. You bought the car, the choice reflects on you, fool.

PPS: My car is not blingy at all, in fact it is just the opposite. You and Ditmar Kopf are the boys trying to talk shit to me about how superior your newer piece of shit BMWs are, blah blah blah blah blah but I've forgotten more about BMWs than you will ever know, hahahahaaaa....