10 May 2009

KingCast presents: 5/11 gifts and questions.


Whereas exercise and teamwork values are both promoted by soccer;
Whereas Franconia has a vigorous network of soccer clubs;
Whereas Youth need the venue and appropriate equipment to enjoy soccer without undue harassment;
Whereas KingCast has taken a personal interest in the safety and welfare of Franconia area Youth;

Be advised that a Money Order in the amount of $250 will be presented to the Franconia Recreation Department for their Youth Soccer programs on 18 May. This money is to be shared evenly between the boys and girls divisions in a manner deemed appropriate by the Director. Next year there will be a KingCast First Amendment $500.00 scholarship contest for the student who writes the best essay on the First Amendment and Open Government. Applications will be due on 5/11 and the winner will be announced on 4 July, 2010.

Dear Attorney Modigliani: Where the hell is that dash cam video of Bruce McKay harassing that 79 year-old elder on or about 5/10 (2007). You promised it to me but you have uncharacteristically failed to keep in touch as to the progress on this one, as noted in this post. UPDATE: Attorney Modigliani telephoned me just now, 10:55 a.m. to note that it is in the works so you haters take note.

Why did Liko Kenney's lawyer sell him out the way he did in this 2003 hearing, in which he never raised the fact that Bruce McKay had violated Liko Kenney's Civil Rights back at Fox Hill Park? That's why the BS underlying charge of Liko having a marijuana pipe in his duffel bag in the trunk -- not even in use -- was nol-prossed because it was an unlawful search and a Fourth Amendment violation. Anyway, read the sentencing transcript right here in which Judge Jean K. Burling twice tells Liko Kenney "you are ordered to have no indirect or direct contact with Officer Bruce McKay,"(p.10) whatever the hell that meant.


Will multiple felon and NH AG Kelly Ayotte "hero" Gregory W. Floyd catch s'more jail time at tomorrow's hearing on the resisting arrest/disorderly conduct or whatever it was from 15 April, 2008. UPDATE: No more jail time, just more convictions. Floyd and I are both men of convictions, it's just that mine are Civil Rights and First Amendment-related and his are criminal: (1)disorderly conduct (2)and breach of Peace -- WMUR says two sentences of 12 months, each suspended on condition of good behavior. Now THAT's a joke. Floyd's history of Good Behavior -- threatening the Judge and whatnot.

PS: The New Old Man was photographed by M deRham at her home.


Anonymous said...

Where were Liko Kenney's parent's when they were contacted by an attorney who told them their son Liko Peter Kenney was in trouble and really needed their help. They did NOTHING...... NOT ONE GODDAMN thing to help their son. The blood of Cpl. N. Bruce McKay and their son is on their hands.
If you had any sense of morality and were any type of a real attorney you would admit that, but instead you just keep pointing fingers at everyone else as theough they are responsible for what Liko Kenney did. That's the mentality you possess which is a die hard liberal nanny state disbarred attorney.

I truly hope we meet one day so I can tell you right to your face what a useless human being with zero redeeming qualities you really are.

Christopher King said...


You seem a little bit imbalanced.

All I want is some materials that are owed to me by the same set of laws that you claim Bruce McKay upheld, when he really didn't, which is why his own co-workers filed complaints against that son of a bitch, claiming that he threatened them.

What, did you forget about those?

Liberal nanny state disbarred attorney?

Who is that?

You cam meet me right now for a beer or a green tea and sushi MF (my friend).

Just email me at kingjurisdoctor@gmail and you can hurl all of the infantile invective you want.

-The KingCaster

Christopher King said...


I suppose now you have a problem with me helping out local youth too.

You are one sick individual.


Christopher King said...

And let me tell you something else there, fella, from the other post in which you write:


Nah, the State of NH and Bruce McKay think they are above the law, witness the video I had to sue to review, and the 8 OC Spray and pursuit violations that McKay was responsible for right before he died.

That is they the citizens of NH, by and through their elected representatives, continue to reject any sort of roadway being named after Bruce McKay while the same honour is bestowed upon police all over the place, in NH and beyond.


-The KingCaster