28 May 2009

KingCast explains what cars real men drive, and what cars poseur girly men drive.

Real men:

BMW 2002/tii
Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio

Girly men:

VW cabrio 2nd gen/thereafter
BMW Z3 (without M package)

ouch! most people i see driving the z3 are rich spoiled-brat girls and middle age crisis'd men... if that's worth anything.

Agree 100% with you. It´s the same in Germany. I think at this price a nice cabrio of the 3er series would be much more a guys car then this Z3

So it doesn't surprise me that a turncoat jackass, Janus-faced, Sybill identity fool I know named Bill Christy has a punk-assed Zed3. That car was built off of the E30 platform, with its inherently dodgy rear suspension, and the E30 wasn't even as good as the 2002, ask me how I know 'cos I've owned both of them and driven the Z3. If you're gonna buy an E30 sports car at least get a grey market Z1 Bill, Good Lord.


Anonymous said...

If you are going to post comments about me at least post factually instead of posting a LIE. The car was purchased as a BIRTHDAY present for my wife.
This fact was clearly stated in the post I have referenced below.

Christopher King said...

As I said in response, a Real Man would have bought an Alfa.

But we know who wears the pants in your relationship LOL :)

-The KingCaster

PS: There is no lie anywhere. You bought the car, the choice reflects on you, fool.