15 May 2009

KingCast aim still true, inspires retired JAG Attorney Bill Christy to help Franconia Youth.

As noted earlier this week, I sought matching funds from some haters to benefit the Youth of Franconia. Well the hater responses were interesting, but not all bad.

Bill Christy (whose name is likely a pseudonym) is the primary author of "Try Gregory Floyd for Murder" and he said he pretty much doesn't want anything to do with me but that he would give some money on his own. I told him that's great, and I'm glad I could inspire him to get off his fat ass and make a positive contribution to society instead of sitting around bitching about me :)

Another jackass said I was a "day late and a dollar short" because he has been giving money to the elderly and that philanthropy should be conducted on the DL.

But that's just a dumb-assed comment because as noted, I'm opening up a public competition and annual scholarship to award the best essay on First Amendment and open government, I guess this particular jackass missed this part of the linked post:
Next year there will be a KingCast First Amendment $500.00 scholarship contest for the student who writes the best essay on the First Amendment and Open Government. Applications will be due on 5/11 and the winner will be announced on 4 July, 2010.

Kind of hard to have a public competition on the DL isn't it? These guys are pretty much douchebags. Day late and dollar short? I've been down with helping the Youth even before 1992 and my Education Coalition. It's just fun to see what the haters have to say every now and then when I go slumming at their website. It's hateriffic... it's KingCastic !!! :)

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dig ur on to something