26 May 2009

Ahhhhhh....... KingCast asks the mountains which tennis racket to buy?

It's a rough call. I thought I would like the Babolat Drive more but it's kind of clunky at net for me. I've always been a Wilson guy though, as a kid and for the past 12 years and sure enough, that damn green nano K Pro Tour frame in front played the best for me yesterday. Of course not having played for about 6 months I may have to play them all again next week to see. Research, research, research....

The reviews. A-ha! I knew there was a reason I liked this thing, it is just in between the Max 200G and the old 6.1 Pro Staff but lighter and more modern.

Comments: The best racquet I've played in 20 years since Dunlop's Max 200G. Great control, perfect control on power shots. Just string it with the lowest tension possible (in Kg 23) and it 100 ok. Very highly recommend it for 4.0 + players.
From: Vasco, PT. 11/08
String type and tension: 23 kg lux big banger
NTRP Rating: Europe...

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