28 May 2009

Casey Sherman interviewed by Concord Monitor on "The Finest Hours," Sherman comments on "Bad Blood: Freedom and Death in the White Mountains."

The book tells the story of the Coast Guard crews who rushed to the aid of two oil tankers off the coast of Cape Cod during a horrific nor'easter in 1952. Both the tankers had been hastily built for the war effort using sub-par steel, and when 70-foot waves began crashing at their hulls, both of them split apart.

In tiny lifeboats and cutters, Coast Guard teams rushed out into the raging seas to save the crews. "To a man, they never thought they were coming back," said Sherman, who will appear at Gibson's Bookstore tonight at 7 to talk about the daring rescue.

As he promotes The Finest Hours, Sherman is working on another book that will hit close to home for New Hampshire audiences. Bad Blood: Freedom and Death in the White Mountains tells the story of Franconia police officer Bruce McKay's killing by local resident Liko Kenney in May 2007.

"I like to use the symbolism of the Old Man of the Mountain," Sherman said. "The profile looked different depending on where you stood . . . what drew me to the project were all the shades of gray."
One thing that KingCast likes is the way the story reads "killing" instead of "murder" because as we all know, there has been no adjudicated finding that ANYONE was murdered on 5/11. Many of us have our own OPINIONS about that, but they are like noses, just OPINIONS.

And NH AG Kelly Ayotte's OPINION is unfortunately sullied by dozens of willful derogations from procedural protocol and from common sense, so it isn't worth the paper on which it is written.

Here then, is Kelly Ayotte's ongoing/legacy in general and her deviations from protocol in specific, when it comes to the Franconia shooting tragedy "investigation."

KingCast explains what cars real men drive, and what cars poseur girly men drive.

Real men:

BMW 2002/tii
Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio

Girly men:

VW cabrio 2nd gen/thereafter
BMW Z3 (without M package)

ouch! most people i see driving the z3 are rich spoiled-brat girls and middle age crisis'd men... if that's worth anything.

Agree 100% with you. It´s the same in Germany. I think at this price a nice cabrio of the 3er series would be much more a guys car then this Z3

So it doesn't surprise me that a turncoat jackass, Janus-faced, Sybill identity fool I know named Bill Christy has a punk-assed Zed3. That car was built off of the E30 platform, with its inherently dodgy rear suspension, and the E30 wasn't even as good as the 2002, ask me how I know 'cos I've owned both of them and driven the Z3. If you're gonna buy an E30 sports car at least get a grey market Z1 Bill, Good Lord.

27 May 2009

KingCast updates: My check arrived for Youth Soccer, but their video of Bruce McKay harassing an elder is MIA.

I spoke with Sally Small today, my check is there. Marta Modigliani has not yet explained where the hell that video is, though.....

....but Attorney Modigliani has an update:

RE: Address McKay dash cam on elderThursday, May 28, 2009 2:28 PM
Yes….in speaking with the Sgt., absent any technical difficulties with the redactions, I should have the video on its way to you by midweek next week, if not sooner. Should I hear anything to the contrary, I will call you.



26 May 2009

And the winner is.... The Wilson KPro Tour!

You have a brand and a feel you like, and there you go. It's like a scalpel in your hand. True enough in my hand it more like a dull, rusty butter knife, but hey each to their respective abilities LOL :)

Note: I Actually switched to the Surge; I have not tried the newer versions yet.

Ahhhhhh....... KingCast asks the mountains which tennis racket to buy?

It's a rough call. I thought I would like the Babolat Drive more but it's kind of clunky at net for me. I've always been a Wilson guy though, as a kid and for the past 12 years and sure enough, that damn green nano K Pro Tour frame in front played the best for me yesterday. Of course not having played for about 6 months I may have to play them all again next week to see. Research, research, research....

The reviews. A-ha! I knew there was a reason I liked this thing, it is just in between the Max 200G and the old 6.1 Pro Staff but lighter and more modern.

Comments: The best racquet I've played in 20 years since Dunlop's Max 200G. Great control, perfect control on power shots. Just string it with the lowest tension possible (in Kg 23) and it 100 ok. Very highly recommend it for 4.0 + players.
From: Vasco, PT. 11/08
String type and tension: 23 kg lux big banger
NTRP Rating: Europe...

KingCast presents: Partners in Crime.... Treason.... taking pictures....questioning our government.... hanging out at cool record stores....

KingCast presents News from Franconia: RSA 91-A request and NH AG Kelly Ayotte to investigate Floyd beating, but which one?

Seems the Family Floyd is no stranger to violence, duh. First the Old Man murdered Liko Kenney in my opinion (after Floyd's string of felony and misdemeanor convictions and other charges) then he takes a beat down in prison, resulting in another KingCast RSA 91-A request: Kelly Ayotte and Marta Modigliani, please provide a copy of any and all medical records from 14 April 2009 to present for Gregory W. Floyd, a common prisoner. So interesting that he got beat up on 16 April but for some reason it took KingCast to break it before WMUR reported it.

Next, but sequentially prior to that, Gregory P. Floyd told Pam at the Franconia Business Center (that's not hearsay, it's straight from his mouth, just like the fact that his father started shooting at Liko's car before his car ever struck Bruce McKay) that the evil, menacing Momma Bear (seen above in an M de Rham 4/15/2008 photo) beat his ass good for signing the Petition in Opposition to Bruce McKay Highway II.

I would call my old drinking buddy Jerry Springer with this but he's already got his own opera rolling.....

21 May 2009

Okay Sarge, bring on the video dammit.

Dear Attorney Modigliani:

Enclosed please find a money order for $155.00 and a self-addressed FEDEX envelope for return of the CD/DVD of this grand event. Please email me as to the turnaround time but I would anticipate receipt by 24 April, 2009. Thank you.

17 April 2009
KingCast prepares to show the World how Bruce McKay handles minor traffic issues with a 79 year-old Franconia elder.


This was a gosh-dang MONTH AGO. Now Attorney Modigliani, who has always been prompt and professional did tell me a few days ago that Sergeant Armaganian told her (double hearsay) that the procedure would only take one day.

Well all right then, as Marvin Gaye would say "Let's get it on" before we get on an RSA 91-A lawsuit, because the American and World Public needs to see the real legacy of Norman Bruce McKay, Franconia's Finest.

Besides I want to have it when I head up there to play tennis this weekend in preparation for the Mindflight tennis benefit at the Franconia Inn :)

20 May 2009

Kevin McCrea will make the ballot for Mayor of Boston!

Huzzah! Now the dialogue gets interesting.

I told you so, when I told you about how he successfully sued the city for failing to follow open records laws. Unlike many politicians who talk about open government, he really means it, and all of Boston will see that in vivid detail. I am honored to work with him.

Dear Friends,

I owe a huge amount of thanks to you for your help in collecting over 5,000 signatures to help get us on the ballot. With over 2,000 of those verified at this point
it appears that we will be on the ballot for Mayor this year. Just as importantly the press is including us in the conversation about the future of Boston. I will be on Emily Rooney's show on WGBH tonight talking about the candidacy, and WBUR has invited the four major candidates to their RADIO BOSTON show this Friday from 1 to 2 pm to talk about the BRA and development in the City. (feel free to call in with questions, especially to the Mayor and why he is giving our land and money away for free)......

19 May 2009

Quiet Man doesn't like my suits but they sure look better than the suit his and Kelly Ayotte's hero is wearing!

Take a look at Floyd's Style and Fashion at this WMUR linky. Just so you know, both of our clothes are off the rack, Polo/Versus for me, Dickies dungarees for Floyd. He's always "in season."


PS: Union Leader -- days after I broke the beatdown story -- now reports it happened on 16 April 2009, two days after our birthdays.

KingCast says, "Put the needle on the record, fool!"

Some of you come in here to spew vitriol.... well go ahead and wind it up, for all I care :)

Attorney Modigliani told me yesterday that I should have that damn Bruce McKay video of him harassing a 79 year-old elder any day now.

KingCast, Van Gogh present: Irises.

I know, I know some of you haters will be like, "well it will never be worth as much as the original, so go to hell KingCast....."

Attorney Modigliani told me yesterday that I should have that damn Bruce McKay video of him harassing a 79 year-old elder any day now.

18 May 2009

Kelly Ayotte's fortune falls like a House of Cards or Gregory W. Floyd's face after that beat down he took.

Kelly: Before you research who beat Gregory W. Floyd's ass so bad he needs reconstructive surgery, please investigate how and why Gregory W. Floyd murdered Liko Kenney.

Your Hero is tarnished but the more you reach out to him the more your favoritism shows.

Ignore him and he keeps getting his punk ass beat down, because he's a punk ass.

What will you do, inquiring minds want to know.

PS: Union Leader -- days after I broke this story -- now reports it happened on 16 April 2009, two days after our birthdays.

17 May 2009

Dear President Obama: Thank you for appointing U.S. Attorney John Kacavas, will he investigate Kelly Ayotte per Justice Laplante's Order?

Before we get to today's Main Course.....Well maybe now Joe Biden's promise to me will come true and Gregory W. Floyd will be prosecuted for his habitual violations of 18 U.S.C. 922(g)(1). I dunno, the State of New Hampshire asked the Feds to weigh in on this ten (10) years ago (read the docket sheet), and I've been pinging Roy Chabra, Esq. at the ATF for about seven (7) months to no avail.

Now we can get some action, I'm sure.

Thank you Mr. President!

Main Course: Moving right along, can we also get some action on a certain matter that involves a new KingCast RSA 91-A request to NH AG Kelly Ayotte for any and all documents that contain the name David H. Coltin or in any way refer to him or his concerns about Justice Laplante's request for investigation. Remember Kelly I sued you before and you had to provide me the original dash cam video from Bruce McKay's cruiser.

U.S. Attorney is investigating Kelly Ayotte on request of Justice Laplante (0.00 / 0)

A long-standing state criminal prosecution which later became a malicious prosecution federal suit is under investigation by the U.S. attorney on request of Federal Judge Joseph Laplante. Laplante's request came as a result of a letter to the United States Senate Judiciary Committee during his nomination hearings. Ayotte is cited for refusal to release witness statements and for her failure to file criminal charges as well as Professional Conduct Committee complaints against present and former Rockingham County attorneys. U.S. Attorney Tom Colantuono has been sitting on this matter since May of 2007 for obvious reasons. Governor Lynch is well aware of the matter but refuses to make a statement.

For a copy of the letter to Senator Patrick Leahy/U.S.Senate Judiciary Committee and Justice Laplante's response, please contact me at davecoltin@netscape.net

PS: Definitely watch out for NH Attorney General Kelly Ayotte, here's more comments (one and two) from Bluehampshire about her, some of the same things I've been saying about this lying, incompetent "leader." We need a new AG, instead Governor Lynch just put her right back in there. Why? Here's one reason:

depressing (4.00 / 1)
The only rationale that makes any sense to me here is cowardice - he is afraid that if he dumps her, she'll run in 2010. I can't, honestly, think of another reason for Lynch to do this.
by: measurestaken @ Tue Mar 03, 2009 at 15:36:38 PM CST

I heard that Ayotte proved her incompetence at the US Supreme Court (0.00 / 0)
...and what about that pro-Propostion 8 brief she signed, ignoring NH's Civil Union law?
by: Putney Swope @ Wed Mar 04, 2009 at 19:50:59 PM CST

Accord the Concord Monitor.

15 May 2009

KingCast speaks on the rumours that Gregory W. Floyd took a beat-down.

This has been circulating for a couple of days now so I figured I would speak to it by way of my email response to one such person:

By the cops or by the inmates?

Either way there is so much not to like about this guy.

That's gonna be so hard for me to prove or disprove, but I will publicly ask the question. In fact some time ago I said that he would have this problem because:

a) he has openly threatened the police so the LE hate him;
b) he murdered (IMO) a kid who was scared of a bad cop so the inmates hate him;
c) he gets breaks that most of his peers do not get so the inmates hate him even more.

and perhaps

d) he talks sh*t about being a Vietnam veteran and some real Vietnam veterans got tired of his bullshit. After all they might be incarcerated in part because of REAL PTSD as opposed to just being a jackass like Floyd.

All part of a long, sad story that could have been prevented if the State had ever addressed the abusive excesses of one Norman Bruce McKay. Speaking of which, any day now I am supposed to be able to pick up that dash cam video of McKay harassing that 79 year-old elder for a couple of hours over a simple registration/inspection issue.

He liked going after those kind of perps; made him feel like a Real Man, kind of like beating his wife or something.

PS: Union Leader -- days after I broke this story -- now reports it happened on 16 April 2009, two days after our birthdays.

KingCast says hey Kelly, respected criminologist Ralph Holder is baaaack.....

I'm waiting for an update from this brother soon.

KingCast presents: What's in the box?

I dunno, but after I got the trusty Bavaria cleared out of there, and the bomb squad came I wasn't sticking around to find out :)