14 April 2009

Three Dog Night and KingCast have a chance encounter with a panhandler.

This is interesting because as you watch the panhandler you should know that I was going to give him money, even though I worked on an Indianapolis Star story on panhandlers back in 1990. That story showed many of them don't even keep the food you give them, but based on our editor's records as a panhandler poseur he made as much as a first-year reporter, LOL.

I loved that song as a child, and still do. Sorry I missed the cow bells at the intro.


Anonymous said...

maybe you should try it most panhandlers earn 40K plus a year. Great concentration on driving as you are looking everywhere filming. Oh yeah nice over modulation of the stereo it doesn't mean it sounds better because its loud. I'll take my factory Rockford Fosgate/Bose system over what you have cobbed together. Of course you won't approve this comment because it's critical of you FRAGILE ego.

Christopher King said...

Oh I concentrate just fine on driving while I film; I never even took my eyes off the road, just have a steady hand, and great hand-eye coordination, fool.

My stereo sounds terrific, actually. It might be a little loud but that's a trial and error thing, jackass.

Speaking of loud, Bose ONLY sounds good loud, dummy. Everyone knows that.

You can keep your Rockford Fosgate/Bullshit and the bullshit car it's attached to; I have one of the best BMWs ever made and I'm quite happy with it :)

Actually I publish all of the comments and I don't really give a shit what you think.

I only make it moderated because it keeps the mechanical spammers out.

Loser spammers like you, well, that's another story hahahaha....

-The KingCaster

PS: Didja' know they pushed back the SB 154 bill until fall after my testimony. Bail, bail, bail.

I'll be there in the fall, too.

PPS: Didja' buy your bullshit Bose with your $40K from your panhandling exploits? Whatever, I make twice that, dude. And some change after my bonuses. You know, all that stuff that jackasses like you said I would never do.

And instead of just shit talking like you, I'm giving money to youth groups in Franconia so they can play soccer without douchebags like Bruce McKay breaking up their games.

Hahahahaha the joke is on YOU.

Christopher King said...

"Cobbled up."

You're cute. That Kenwood is one of the best head units around and everybody knows Polk Audio are like the best speakers in the World, fool :)

-The KingCaster

Christopher King said...


On further listening I realize that the loudness/modulation issue occurs only when the bass kicks in and overpowers the widdle camera mike.

No Big Deal, but probably more bass than the idiot writing me ever dealt with in his Delco-Bose whatcha'macallit system, LOL.

Also note how I caught the school bus on the chorus and how I left the guy in the rear view mirror as I pulled away.

To my detractors, these are not green skills.

These are good skills.

And because I see a lot of windscreen pitting on video, I'm getting a new windshield next week so everything will be clear, even though the GW Bridge pic came out fine even through the windscreen because of the internal filters on still shots.

That's a good one, that bridge, yah.


Anonymous said...

blah blah blah...... profanity riddled responses to a simple comment made. Everybody's a jackass but you everybody is a dummy but you, everybody is a spammer but you...and the list goes on. It is a wonder humanity succeeded before the great Christopher King came along.
I also know for a fact you are untruthful about posting all comments because I have written no less than 10 responses since January that YOU never posted.
Don't waste your time with all your bullshit rehetoric...I've seen and heard it all before.

Christopher King said...


I have indeed posted everything.

What makes you think I actually give enough of a damn about what you write that I would avoid posting it?

You're just another jackass who said I would never be, do, own or amount to anything and every day you get out of bed you look to see what I'm doing and you hate the fact that I enjoy my life and do what I do.

See you next round, fool.

PS: How's your Delco sound system holding up?

PPS: The Girly-Girl's painting sold at MassArt Auction 2009; it was featured on the back cover of the accordion flyer. It's a Good Year all around over here, pal, you better believe it.