07 April 2009

So Davey Kenney and I were wondering, "what else will Gregory W. Floyd go to prison or jail for?"

Remember KingCast was proved correct when that dirtbag "I've killed 43 people" Greg Floyd went packing off to prison last month. Now the question that needs answered is what about his pending trial for his assault on the police officers almost exactly one year ago, when that murderer (IMO) also lunged at yours truly with a deadly weapon, and what about his pending sentencing for his conviction on the criminal threats against AJ Boisvert, whom he threatened with a gun.

Davey was telling me that one of the dates is..... get this.... 5/11. I'll call the court.

I called: 5/11 is sentencing for resisting and disorderly conduct from 5/15 2008; meanwhile his bullshit appeal from his proper conviction for criminally threatening AJ Boisvert was slammed; the matter was remanded for sentencing date not certain.

Watch the short film "5/11: Injustice on Stilts" here.

Some cyberspace tools think Kelly Ayotte is in the clear, no more damage will come her way because of her coverups. They are quite wrong. She may retain her position, but people across the World will know what a deceitful "public servant" she really is.

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