08 April 2009

Live on YouTube: KingCast slams NH Senator Rob Letourneau in SB 154 Bruce McKay Highway II hearing.

M de Rham photo

Remember the "Press the Eject and Give me the Tape" post? Well here it is, the live audio, with that rude, unenlightened person perpetually trying to interrupt Yours Truly.

Also I'm probably not buying that park bench. Instead I'm going to make a sports donation for youth this year, on 5/11. Then every year after that, until they plant me, there will be a KingCast award, no less than $250.00, probably $500.00, for the best high school essay on the importance of the First Amendment and/or open government. Entries will be due on or before 5/11 and the winner and runner-up will be announced on July 4.

I have spoken, loudly and eloquently enough, thank you. And oh, I put my money where my mouth is.


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