07 April 2009

KingcCast presents: Art as it happens.

Art, it hangs out wherever I am. Gotta' have art. Protea shot at macro with Canon Powershot S2 IS. This is one badass camera, take note you tools who used to crack on me when I didn't have a real camera for a while. It's All Good. Now I have a real camera again and I take better pictures than 95% of you jackasses anyway.



Anonymous said...

I have seen evidence of your photography. You need some lessons. While your macro photo is good, the most rank amateur can take a million dollar picture.

Anonymous said...

Actually after taking a closer look at your photo, I suggest next time don't use the flash, use available light, set the aperture a little higher to give more depth of field. The composition and the clarity were good. Did you use a tripod or was it free hand. I personally think you should have gone with the the dSLR. The new ones can record video, and like all cameras which can record video the CMOS sensor can over heat causing noise and blooming. You would have enjoyed a dSLR

Christopher King said...


Oh, no worries. I never said I was great, just good. And I enjoy myself with it. Actually just taking a piss on certain people who hate me so much that they follow my every word :)

Anyway, a DSLR is coming, a Nikon with lenses I can swap with my film maker's D80. Next year.

I love to play with aperture and push film; I just fell out of photography a long time ago, got more into motorcycles and other stuff but now I'm coming back to it. This pic was just a quickie when I dropped the flower and busted the bloom clear off :(

So I set it on my girlfriend's canvas and snapped a quickie she would have killed me if she saw that LOL.

If I was going to get really serious i would have trimmed the bloom and cleaned it up a bit with a pair of tweezers too :)

At any rate I'm much better at composition than mechanics but I'll be taking some courses soon too. And one thing is that I don't miss much and I'm quick on the draw -- I'm sure you've noticed that.

One of my favorite sequences are the blurry Floyd courtroom pics when he called Brad "Motherfucker" and then the one I got with him getting pressed up against the elevator.

Here it is.

This is a good family portrait as well, I really wanted the focus on the momma, who was wearing a supremely stern countenance, yah.



PS: I'm going out to shoot the moon. Will need a tripod, too.
PPS: The real art is what's hanging on the walls anyway; I haven't show you any of THAT.