15 April 2009

KingCast to the rescue!

Well once again the power of camera will help an innocent bloke get some relief from the courts and stuff. Monday I saw this cat standing on the median of I-95 with what appeared to be radiator steam coming from the front of his whip. On passing I saw the fire so I parked upstream and ran back and told him to push the car back from the fire, which at this point was just underneath the engine compartment.

Naturally before we could get the car out of the damn way, the fire lept up to the engine compartment and whatever fossil products it was dripping so we were in essence no dragging a trail o' fire southbound on the median. All I had in the Bavaria was a jug o' water, and that wasn't going to cut it so we waved down a trucker who had a fire extinguisher and that was that.

At least now the guy has pictures to show the dealer who just sold him the car!

Now this is funny because there's an idiot name quiet man who likes to trash talk me and accused me of making up stories about two lives I helped save, one because I threatened to sue a hospital when they stalled on getting my Aunt Doris to a real hospital (Cleveland Clinic) from the rinky-dink hospital in Orville. The doctors told us without the helicopter life flight she was a goner. She enjoyed the last 10 years of her life in Columbus, Ohio, much of it watching me deal with the same brand of haters I deal with now.

Two because I helped save another life when I realized a guy wasn't drunk on St. Patricks day 1983 but was really having a seizure so my friend and I pulled him out of his car, he gave the old coot CPR and I called the medics.... not from a cell phone but from a PAY PHONE I had to run my ass off like a 1/4 mile sprint to get to.

The point of all of this is that ordinary citizens can do extraordinary things if they just get present to their surroundings. Sometimes things are on fire and folks don't even notice it, or worse yet they try to censor or burn the writings themselves that only serve highlight the problem, yah.

-Guy Montag


Christopher King said...

Now sure enough, Quiet Man or some other faceless schmuck will sit up tonight and analyse this post and issue some sort of insipid retort to himself, or to me, implying that they could have done better, or that I somehow did what I did out of impure motivations, or blah blah blah blah blah.

People like that are complete losers, and they are a substantial reason the World is such a nasty place today.


Christopher King said...

You can see the heatwaves in the lead photo.



Anonymous said...

The world is a nasty place today because of people like you MF (my friend. You do nothing to make the world a safer place to live or for the advancement of your fellow man. You thrive on creating dissension, hatred and bigotry between people. Everyone in the world is a loser and all the other infintile names you call people. YOU have to write a disingenuous blog to have any semblance of recognition at all, it's really not much different than other acts of self pleasuring.