01 April 2009

KingCast to purchase memorial Liko Kenney - Bruce McKay park bench and donate it to the town of Franconia.

I make good money now, like I'm used to except for that time period of a couple of years when I was dealing with corrupt law enforcement officials. And one of the things you do when you make good money is, you give something back to the communities that you love. Especially when you discover that the benches (at least without landscaping) don't cost as much as you thought.

I love the community where I spend most of my time now so I'm writing a non-profit 501(c)(3) Application for them, with Mission Statement, Bylaws, etc. and will be on their Board of Directors. I just presented to the tenants yesterday on the subject of tenant's rights and referred them to duly licensed counsel; made sure they understand they don't have to take any crap from bad landlords; told them about Robert Taylor's Law.

And I love the community of Franconia, where I began skiing long before I ever heard of Liko Kenney, Bruce McKay or Gregory W. Floyd.

And that's why I'm going to buy the park bench I spoke of in this post and donate it to the town. I'll be working on a suitable, neutral inscription over the next week.

Peace to all,

The KingCaster.

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