03 April 2009

KingCast says holy sh*t, look what my camera can do!

I bought this puppy for work, I kind of told myself. But I knew damn well that's a lie, so I won't ask them to pay for it LOL! Anyway, with 1/3200 shutter speed and continuous burst shot that's what's up. I'm going to have so much fun with this thing, and it being a digicam that records audio in stereo that's just lovely. I keep looking at her (I think her name is going to be Zoey) and watching her look at me and I know this is going to be a wonderful relationship already :)

The kid I bought it from (he went DSLR and doesn't need video) is really cool too, a physical therapist student, a very important profession, so Good Vibes there, too, a good energy coming with it. Anyway, this is the shizz it can do that I'm learning how to use in the next week or two or fifty-two:

* f/2.7(W)-f/3.5(T) image stabilized 6.0-72.0mm 12x zoom lens (36-432mm equivalent)
* Continuous IS, Panning IS and a new "Shoot Only" IS mode that is only active during exposure while shooting still photos
* maximum shutter speed of 1/3200 second and can capture still photos continuously at rates up to 2.4 fps
* 16-bit stereo audio recording at sampling rates adjustable up to 44 kHz
* Movie mode VGA resolution at 30 frames per second (fps). Individual movie clips can last as long as 60 minutes or produce
file sizes up to 1GB on an SD media card
* MovieSnap feature makes it possible to capture still images at resolutions up to five megapixels while recording movies

I need to take a week off from work so I can learn it right, LOL.

But I'll have it right enough to deal with that idiot hater cop who gave me a bogus traffic ticket a coupla' weeks ago hahahaaaa.... This guy is toast.

Arthur Ashe's daughter is named Camera because her mother is a professional photographer. Meeting Arthur for an extended interview and walk about at a Cincinnati high school in 1989 was a truly rewarding experience for me; the World lost a great man way too early. Of course part of that is because of Ron Reagan's bullshit stance on blood testing for HIV, so Arthur contracted it during a blood transfusion because he had a weak (physically, not spiritually) heart. Anyway, I'll be out and about, to see if I can take a "better" picture than this one in 1990 that I always thought would be my best ever:

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Christopher King said...


Dear Commissioner Davis, Attorney Krupp, Judge Gertner, and Racial Profiling Data Collection Resource Center:

On or about 22 March, 2009 Officer Morrison (F/N/U) pulled me over for allegedly speeding. He told me even though I was being polite and professional with him, “I’ll teach you a lesson……” Well he was wrong, and in point of fact I’m about to teach HIM a lesson, but equally important is the fact that he violated policy, was derogatory and rude and in general did not comport himself as if he knew he was dealing with a former law enforcement officer.

He was.

My observations about this stop will be told in vivid detail at trial, as I am not about to divulge my trial strategy, but I will start by:

1. Demanding a copy of any and all exculpatory evidence, including the digital video and audio from the dash cam cruiser that rolled automatically when the blue lights were ignited.

2. Demanding a copy of Officer Morrison’s log and/or patrol book or any other reports or documents, emails, notes or letters he issued for the evening in which I was ticketed, and any other such documents he may have issued regarding this case.

3. Demanding a copy of any and all racial profiling reports or studies published by the city from 1 January 1988 – present.

4. Demanding a copy of any citizen complaints, suspensions or other disciplinary actions taken against Officer Morrison.

When I am finished with my direct and redirect of this officer on video it will be filed with both of you and you will see that Officer Morrison’s actions were intolerable and that his record of service should be reviewed and a copy of this letter be placed in his file. He should never talk to anybody like that, much less a cooperative former Law Enforcement Official who was not speeding, but rather just piloting a vintage BMW with a sport exhaust.

While I’m no longer in Law Enforcement, I still have friends who are police officers. In fact, they are the ones who told me I should file this Complaint.

Respectfully submitted,

Christopher King, J.D.